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code browsing in MAC

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by cjjoy1980, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I am a developer and new to mac.. I have been using cscope , ctags and kscope for code browsing on my ubuntu system..

    On mac I see only ctags installed.. is there cscope for mac or opensource GUI application for mac ..
  2. jiminaus, Apr 18, 2011
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    cscope can be installed via MacPorts.

    MacOS X comes with the BSD version of ctags. You can install Exuberant Ctags, which you're probably more familiar with, from MacPorts as well.

    Most coding is done in Objective-C using XCode on Mac OS X. XCode also supports C and C++ development as well.

    There's also Eclipse or Netbeans.

    If you don't want a full on IDE, there's Text Wrangler, which is pretty popular with programmers.

    Personally I use TextMate, when I'm not using MacVim (also installable via MacPorts). If you're from the Emacs school, there's Aquamacs. Or course, Terminal versions of both vim and emacs are preinstalled.
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    Thanks jiminaus.. that info really helped me..
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    Everything that was said above is correct but I would suggest using Homebrew instead of MacPorts.
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    I started with Fink, then switched to macports because it seemed to have more recent ports. What is the advantage of homebrew over macports?
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    It doesn't download and compile packages and tools already present on the system. This makes it smaller and faster, but less robust, since an update from apple could potentially break dependencies. Macports is self contained in the /opt folder.

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