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Coldplay ipod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by hilbert888, Jul 27, 2005.

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    hey just noticed jason mraz took over #1 spot on iTMS after coldplays few weeks of being the #1. i'm pretty sure that alittle while after U2's latest album stopped being #1 the special edition one came out .so does anyone think it could happen with coldplay(or other band) at tokyo or paris? just wanted to see what ya'll thought
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    Not going to happen. Coldplay are nowhere near U2s level, in terms of sales or popularity.
    Reading that reminded me of this - which pretty much sums it up, for me at least.
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    i want that snoop ipod in ipod photo style. ;)

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    I prefer the Christina one personally :D
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    er... Are you German?
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    no...not a german. i was just being facetious.
    BTW. How come David's songs aren't on iTMS yet????
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    I wonder what a Coldplay iPod would look like? Probably a big diaper in honor of all the bedwetters who listen to Coldplay. :D
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    As was I... ;)
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    What would a coldplay iPod look like??? It would be yellow of course!!!

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    yea, that snooppod would be perfect for me.

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