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combining tracks?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by jugband1, Jan 26, 2006.

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    just started screwing around with GB2 and wondering if there is a way to combine several tracks together into one track....say you got the tambourine track and the cowbell track (stupid ex, I know) the way that you wanted them...can you combine them into a single track to consolidate things? Or does this only happen when you export into itunes and export back to GB. Then it would be one track though....hmmmm.

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    not sure why you would want to, other than to do submixes to save system resources. if your system is handling it, the normal course of action is to let it be.

    is it simply a need to organize?
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    well-- I am putting a lot of layers in, and some of it is dumb stuff like a shaker or whatever...and it just seems huge and messy, so I thought if I could combine all the "simple" tracks together that don't need any more tweaking then I would have those set in stone together and be free to work on more where I can see everything on the screen....On one song I went through and put in a drum kit one drum at a time....if I could combine those altogether it would help me out. I have 1 GB of RAM but it will certainly lag at some point, no?

    thanks-- Kate
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    honestly, i don't know if GB offers that feature or not. just about any full-featured DAW does (ProTools, Logic, Cubase, etc..), as it mirrors the bounce-down practice engineers did while using tape, to free up more tracks.

    and i certainly don't want to say you shouldn't, because if it ends up helping your workflow and you produce a better song, then that's what it's all about.

    so, in a general sense, you would make a new stereo track, enable it to record, mute all the tracks you don't want to mix down, then on the rest of the tracks route it to the new stereo track. then start at the beginning of the song and record through to the end.

    can any GB users weigh in on GB specifics?

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