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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Beej, May 25, 2002.

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    Anyone know which font and key combo I need to type the 'command' symbol? (The symbol on the Apple key)

    I've gon through every key combo and every font in Key Caps, but I can't find it! I know it's there... I've used it before.

    And does anyone know of a little app like Key Caps, but for OS X?
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    The font is Webdings, and its z. thats just plain z.

    and, the OS X version of Key Caps is in the Utilities folder, and its called Key Caps.


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    Thank you kind Sir!

    Heh... X comes with Key Caps... would you look at that! :D
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    hey Beej ive seen a lot of people make that mistake, so dont worry bout it (i must have gotten close to 100 emails suggesting that i add the need for key caps in my osx bug list!). and if you open up keycaps you will see the

    key combo that will make an apple for you. lets take a look here... option-shift-k. but remember peecee users wont be able to see it. it will just be a big square .
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    heh. thats the first time I've been called 'kind sir'.. hahaha. well, you're very welcome.

    I had trouble finding Key Caps first too... so after about 10 minutes of thorough searching, i gave up and i decided I would have to use the stupid Sherlock. and after another 5 minutes Sherlock chugged away, and *wham* there it was, right in the Utilities folder... its depressing.

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    i see a square and im using a G3. prolly because the character got translated during the post
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    yup try it in text edit.
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    hmm i was always looking for that a year ago at school :S lol
    has anyone noticed that the windows logo is included in the font (one of the letters is the windows logo on web dings or wing dings or one of those fonts :S)

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