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Compatability Question on Keyboards

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Performance-Pcs, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Powermac G5 Quad setup..
    16GB RAM
    256GB SSD Boot
    500GB Storage
    Airport Extreme Runway card
    512MB Graphics Card
    2 X 2.5ghz Quad Core Processors

    Problem is that as sexy as it is, I want to use the newer aluminium Keyboards. Main issue is that othe hotkeys such as the volume, brightness and such dont work on 10.5.8. As with the magic mouse, Ive got the newer drivers installed for gesture support, but is there any such update for the keyboards?? Driving me nuts this one as my desk is clsoe to being an aluminium bundle of sexy tech porn, apart from the keyboard isn't working to the best it can be...
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    Minimum specs:

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    But the same specs are posted for the magic mouse and they are fully compatible so, I thought there might be a possible update to bring the newer keyboards in line with G5 tech
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    Is this the full-sized aluminum keyboard or the short one?

    If you have a FN key, it's the short one. I ask because one of my employees uses the full-sized aluminum keyboard on a G4/450 running 10.5.8 and she has full use of brightness, volume, eject, etc.
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    What do you mean by "short one"? The one without Numpad?

    FYI, I have one with numpad, and I can control volume, just with the wrong keys.


    I wish...
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    That's right. The standard size keyboard (the short one) has no number pad. But it also has a FN key just like on Mac laptops. And it also functions like the keyboard on a Mac laptop. That is, if you have the standard keyboard and have the FN keys keys set to be used as standard function keys (the box is checked in the Keyboard & Mouse settings in System Preferences) then the special features of the function keys (volume, brightness, etc) will be ignored. You would have to enable them by also pressing the FN key on the standard keyboard along with the function key itself, OR unchecking the box in System Preferences>Keyboard & Shortcuts that enables this. Essentially, the standard keyboard with the FN key brings laptop keyboard functionality to a PowerMac.

    If you are using the extended keyboard (the one that has the number pad) then this isn't an issue because that keyboard has no FN key.
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    I believe my extended one has the fn.

    It is under the F13 key, which is to the right of the eject key.
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    Hmm. Ok. I will take a closer look at the keyboard at work on Monday. Thanks!
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    This is totally correct. I currently use a extended keyboard with my iMac G4.

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    Tried my "short" aluminium wireless keyboard with my Late-2005 G5 Tower (fitted with Airport/Bluetooth combo) and it's a no go. However, I find a case somewhat similar to yours HERE, and Nameci stated he had no issues running it with their Quad G5.
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    Just an idea, but maybe look for a 3 battery model? They came out before the 2 battery one, and may have the older firmware you need for it to work.

    As far as I know, they have revised the Bluetooth model 3 times at least, a three battery version, a two battery version, and the latest 2 battery version. (Latest version has the grid icon for launchpad.)

    EDIT: I am confused if some are looking to use the non-number keyboards, or other ones. The info above is for the standard (non number pad) bluetooth keyboards.
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    I have no problems with my old 2-battery apple wireless keyboard connected to my G5, wake from sleep works well.
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    And I have no problem with the original wireless keyboard with the big keys.. My fingers are too big for the smaller keyboards... works just fine, just wish it was more ergonomic.

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    Well, I just checked and you are correct. I don't really use the Mac that keyboard is attached to so I never noticed. Going to check later today and see what my employee's keyboard settings are.

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