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Compensation for anyone who recently bought an Ipod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by FearBefore55, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I know that they are offering a $100 gift card for anyone who recently bought an iphone, but here is my question. I bought a 30 gig ipod video for 249 on september 1st. now, I believe there will be an 80 gig of this model available when the ipod touch is released, for the same price...249. am i screwed, or is there anything apple is going to do for a customer in that type of situation?
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    I think you can return any apple product within 10 days, so if you hurry you might get the iPod classic 80GB for the same amount of money (they are also available right now).

    But wasn't it quite stupid to buy a new iPod so late in the product cycle? And at 1 september it was already clear the newer onces would come 4 days later.

    Nobody could expect the heavy price-drop of the iPhone so quickly after the release anyways.
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    You're within the 14-day return window so go return it (and suck up the 10% restocking fee if it was opened). Wait for the 80 GB version and buy it for $249. The iPhone users still paid $100 extra for their early adoption. You'll get out for only $25.
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    Oh so it's his fault for Apple continuing to sell an item they were going to make obsolete? Not everyone watches Apple like a TV show.
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    This is my 4th Ipod. My last one broke a few months back and this was my last chance to get one before I went to college. I moved on the 2nd. It was my last paycheck before I went to school and I needed to get one. I didn't really think to look for exactly when a newer model would be released. I was fixated on the fact that once I got to school I would have NO money until next summer when I start working again...

    my guess is you can only return them if they're unopened, correct?

    Thank you. I appreciate your help.
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    Well he expects something in return from Apple now, while he did no research what so ever, so yes it's his fault, not Apples.

    Yet, he can get out for only $25 as the other guy posted, even if it's opened already.
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    If you're within the 14 day return window (which you are), return it and get the new one. If you already opened it, you get to pay a restocking fee.

    Updates happen. *shrug*
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    Let us know what happens!
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    I bought an ipod mini a month before the first nanos were announced. I was kinda bummed, until I remembered that I was pretty happy so far with my ipod mini.

    Now, IIRC, didn't we already know that an ipod announcement was going to happen on the 5th on Sept. 1st? Why on earth would you buy an ipod 5 days prior to a steve note? Especially considering that they've been announcing new ipods in the fall for a while now.
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    If you can figure out how to post on MR, it's even easier to find the Buyer's Guide that says "don't buy, updates soon!" in big red letters, AND links to stories with more details.

    Fortunately, there's the 2-week price protection, WHICH Apple prints details of on the backs of its retail receipts. So it's nobody's fault.

    If anything, he/she'll end up with a good iPod at an even cheaper price than $249. Since the 30GB is discontinued, has anyone figured out what the price protection/return amount would be? And since the 80GB is getting a $100 cut, I would argue if they tried to give less for the 30GB.

    EDIT: 6502 bay-bee!
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    And is it Apple's fault if consumers don't do some research before purchasing? I always check around the web, you MR's buying guide, etc, before giving Apple my CC number, especially considering Apple's history.
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    dont jump on the bandwagon. You might end up in the wrong place.
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    But he'll get the price protection. Let us know if you find out how much they're giving to people who keep the 30G.
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    I never said it was Apple's fault. I was raised on mac computers. I'm 18 and I've had every main apple product in my house at least once in the last 10 years. I'm telling you this just to say that I'm not here to bash apple in any way at all. I'll never buy a PC, and I've stood behind apple even back when I was on Mac os 9 and everyone was telling me how "s h i t t y" apple was. I believe it is people like us that are getting the last laugh.

    All I'm saying is you don't need to attack me for not doing research. I'm a busy kid. I'm working full time and attending college, I just wanted a damn iPod.
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    There is no price protection for old iPods. The new iPods have different specs, it was not a price reduction.

    "Should Apple reduce its price on any shipped product within 14 calendar days of shipment, you may contact Apple Sales Support..."
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    well if you wanted an ipod you got it. what is with people feeling ENTITLED for updated products after they buy one. I mean you did agree to the product when you bought it, which no one forced you to do in the first place.

    if you can get the 14 day thing, more power to you but honestly i am amazed at how many people get upset over this.......especially with the iphone WOW you guys got lucky

    thats my rant....
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    it's not that i am even angry. i could be totally fine with this ipod for next x amount of months, until it stops working. it was just a simple question. a thought i had. if it was available, i'd take it, who wouldn't? if not, that's fine too.
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    Hey cmon mate, he made a mistake and was just wondering how he could remedy it...chill. And plus instead of being negative maybe you could have helped to offer a solution like most of the other people here instead of flaming him. Plus, he is not blaming apple for anything, just asking for a bit of help.

    You are still within the 14-day apple return period, you can return it for the full purchase price and then go purchase the new ipod.
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    Again, it's technology. :rolleyes:

    The one thing I don't get though, is that you bought an iPod on September 1st, yet you belong to MR. There was a media event on September 5th, and everyone knew that about two weeks prior to the event. With rumours flying around, why did you buy one? :confused:
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    true i guess if there WAS a chance, id go for it too lol
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    80GB iPod Price Drop

    Stop bashing those that you believe "have not done their homework". My g/f - having researched prices, etc, bought two 80GB iPods when visiting the States, recently. I have not yet opened mine, but was horrified to learn, this morning, that the UK 80GB price has dropped by £70 and that a 160GB iPod is now available. That hurts...REALLY hurts!
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    I'm in a similar situation, except I'm not really expecting 'compensation. We got a brand new iMac on Sep 2 (drool) and got the free Nano. I got the Project Red 4GB. I was a little irritated when I saw that the price I just paid for a 4GB Nano was the price of the new Nano 8GB. So, what'd I do? I'm still getting my rebate of $199, making the first older Nano free. I'm going to try to sell it on Ebay or here, since it is still brand new, though 'outdated'. Whatever I get for it, it will still end up with me getting a new 8GB video Nano for about $100 if I can at least get $100 for the Nano.

    You've got to be resourceful... :D I heart the new Nano. Though I hearted the old one pretty much too. And by old, I mean my nearly one week old Nano.. :p
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    Apple should never have given $100 to iPhone moaners. Look what its done.
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    It is a bit sucky- I was in the Regent Street store the weekend before the announcement buying a shiny new MBP (which I now hear is being updated in January- oh joy), and I did spend a bit of time warning a few people hovering over the iPod table that Apple were updating the range. Lets not forget iPods are a commodity now- we don't all check the Hoover development blogs to check when the next generation vacuum cleaner is coming out before we buy one (ok, maybe some of us do), we go into a shop, ask one of the spotty assistants which cleaner meets our budget and generally get one that looks ok. There were plenty of Apple store staff encouraging people to buy iPods weekend before last, despite knowing an announcement was coming in the next 3 or 4 days. I do feel sympathy for the casual iPod shopper...
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    I agree, but the original poster was not in this situation.

    True, he knows enough to post here and probably should have seen the update coming but the vast majority of people out there don't pay attention to technology. They get up in the morning and decide "I want an iPod today" and go make their purchase.

    That being said when the new ones come out in a few days they either return their purchase to get the updated one, or live with the mistake. I've gone and done price matching on DVDs and other tech when I've seen it go on sale withing a week of purchasing it. How is this different?

    The OP may have to suck up a restocking fee if he wants the updated capacity, or there may be a price match as stores reduce the price on the 30 GB to empty their remaining stock. Apple is known for keeping product updates and features secret, and although the internet is always ripe with speculation, it is wrong as often as it is right.

    The iPhone situation was different since many receiving the compensation are outside of the well established 14-day return window and should be getting nothing, no matter how PO'd they are. But Apple bent to the pressure and in their view the $100 store credit is cheaper than the bad publicity. It's Apple's decision, not mine.

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