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compiling iphone project from command line

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by underthesun, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Hello, greetings from Australia (first time in this forums) :)

    I was trying to compile the iphone dev project that was made from one of xcode's starter template.. from the command line. I'm basically doing all the text editing from another computer, because my mac mini doesn't support dual monitors..

    However, when I went to the development directory, to run xcodebuild, I got the following message:

    CodeSign error: no certificate found in keychain for code signing identity 'iPhone Developer'.

    What's up with that?
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    Assuming you don't have any provisioning profiles installed; make sure you're in Simulator mode rather than Device mode.
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    Xcode seems to set it as simulator mode, but I wonder if this gets translated automatically to the xcodebuild command line tool?
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    Maybe there is a command line arg for which build settings to use?

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