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Conceptual sketching?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sesshi, Aug 24, 2006.

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    The last time I drew a design on a PC was about 7 years ago... I'm a delegator supreme. Even CAD drawings are done with me sitting behind the CAD guy translating my drawings and basically me saying "Bendier there, straighter there" etc.

    I'm getting more involved with sort-of-consumer projects though and it would be nice for me to be able to directly generate initial concept drawings which can go to the 'shop' to be SLA'd or machined almost straight away. When I last looked (about 8 years ago) there wasn't really anything that I as an 'ideas guy' could readily pick up and quickly knock out designs.

    I'm also coming out with more things that I want to make for myself and it's a hassle (not to mention cost-inefficient) every time to go down to the CAD guys to hand them my drawings, do multiple corrections and then send it out to the machining shop.

    What would you guys advise for a guy like me who prefers to work in terms of rough drawings (on paper at that), but occasionally wants to get that in the form of a machinable / SLA-able form?

    I've got the Mac covered obviously, but I'll need the software and I guess optionally the tablet. I'm not looking to spend tens of thousands, but whatever's necessary to do it well I will consider.
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    I recently bought CSI concepts unlimited, it's a CCAD (Conceptual Computer Aided Design) that I think fits your bill. http://www.csi-concepts.com/newProducts.htm you can download their demo to try it out. The demo is the full version without the ability to save files. If you can get the student version of concepts unlimited ($200) then great, otherwise it's rather expensive ($2000 or $3000) the best part is it looks like the Mac version is keped up just as well as the PC one. If all you need is the 2D version it's rather inexpensive ($150 or $200) and easy to use.

    I work in a machine shop (for one year now) and this is my favorite CAD program I have used to date in my price range.
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    I saw that, downloaded the trials, couldn't get it to run on either an iMac or a Macbook Pro for some reason.
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    hmm, you would have to roseta it, I got an email not to long ago from them saying that they are working on a universal binary update. I don't have an intel mac so I don't know how to run a PPC program under roseta, I don't know if this would affect you.
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    My old boss was the same way, he had to stand over my shoulder as we drew things up. He could draw like all get out but his devotion to Mac kind of left him in the cold when it came time to sit down and draft.

    Then I finally got him to try Sketch up, he loved it and promptly switched the office 3d work to exclusively sketch up.

    Sketch up is designed for exactly what you want to do, its fast and easy. It can be precise but it takes a little more time to learn how.

    And it's totally dual platform!:)
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    Sketchup is a good place to start and there is a free version available from Google that you can try out.
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    did you find what you were looking for? Did you get CSI Concepts to work? Feedback would be nice.
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    I got concepts to work, but the demo was quite frustration as it was all too clear it wasn't universal binary. I didn't consider the execution speed usable on an Intel Mac.

    I have downloaded Google Sketchup too and I was quite pleasantly surprised how easy it was to pick up. But in terms of function, I think Concepts might fit me better. I'm waiting for the UB of Concepts before I make my mind up.
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    This is what is said about concepts universal binary:
    this was emailed to me in July 14th with other news letter type of stuff about the product.

    You might contact him for any questions about it, I taked to him (Tim Olson) on the phone about the student version and some other things and he was very friendly.
    Tim Olson, 262-369-7750, tolson@csi-concepts.com

    Good luck.
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    It looks like concepts version 4.0 is out as a UB. you might want to check it out.
    The reason I say that is because when I applied for the demo testing of 4.0 I get this email...

    "The beta for CSI Concepts v4 is completed. Concpets Unlimited, Concepts 3D, and
    Concepts 2D version 4 are now released. The demo versions are now updated to
    the v4 products.

    Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.

    Tim Olson
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    I can't really download it because I live on a 56K modem
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    Maybe Canvas is what you are after. I downloaded a trial version and it looks like Photoshop and Illustrator on steroids, but it's more than I need.
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    56K modem?

    Someone please donate this bro a DSL or cable modem.

    My dad got me a 28K modem when i was in middle school in China. That was almost 11 years ago.

    Back to the business: Free Hand Sketch. Must have skill for designers.

    Mac Pro with 16G of ram and 30" display: $12K
    Maya, Vectorwork and ArchiCAD: $5K
    18" x 24" CAD rendering prints: $40
    Conceptual Sketches by a designer: Priceless

    If you are interested: http://www.liuding.com and http://www.liuding.com/randomness.html
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    That's not the problem. The broblem is that I simply can't get high speed internet... I know, it's sad. I live in Tillamook, when just recently they finished paveing the roads. LOL, J/K but where I live highspeed internet is not offered.

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