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Connect PS3 to internet using MBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 1nvisibleX, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Hi, I tried searching the forum and Googling, but I couldn't find much help.

    Anyways, I have a MBP 13" (new model) and I have a PS3.
    Previously, I used a Windows7 laptop and I used to connect my PS3 to internet using an ethernet cable, while my laptop was connected to internet through a 3G USB modem. Now I need to connect my PS3 to net using the 3G USB modem, except I'm using a MBP. It doesn't matter if it's using an ethernet cable or making a WiFi connection between my MBP and PS3.
    Also, I don't need to play online, I just need to connect to PSN, check some messages, sync trophies.

    Thanks in advance,

    1nvisibleX :)
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    Jason Beck


    I thought teh PS3 had built in wifi?
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    It does, I don't have a router or anyway to connect it to internet except though the MBP! Please read original message again. ;)
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    I would guess that osx has some sort of internet sharing built in, similar to how windows does. You should be able to use the same cable that you did with windows, but as for enabling connection sharing, someone else will have to chime in :)
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    I haven't tried this myself so don't know if there's extra steps, but go to:

    System Preferences> Sharing> And select Internet Sharing and which network card you want to share with.
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    It says:

    "You cannot start internet sharing because there are no ports available ports to share your connection. Choose a different connection to share or turn on another port using Network Preferences".

    Can anyone help me? I have no idea what to do, and I really need to connect my PS3 to internet. :(
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    buy a mifi
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    I can't. I'm going away for like 3 months on Monday, so I need to get this done and outta way. :(

    Can anyone help?

    About the 'error' message I'm getting, how do I open more ports or w/e?
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    Have you tried connecting it to the MBP using an ethernet cable (and is it a patch or crossover?), then ticking Ethernet?
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    I'm trying to connect via ethernet.
    No idea if it's patch or crossover, how do I check? Not realy sure what you mean. :(

    Sorry, I'm very new to OS X.
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    Hmm. Try this.

    Go to System Preferences and click Network take a screenshot of what shows up (cmd+shift+4, then when you see a crosshair, press the spacebar. click the window you want to take a screenshot of). Post it here (the file will show up on your desktop as a png). Make sure you take a screenshot when you're connected to the internet.
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    Here's a screenshot;
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    interesting. take another picture of the what shows up when you expand the menu under Sharing->Internet Sharing for the "share your connection from" drop-down.

    edit: sorry, the when you take a picture for that it doesn't show the drop down. Just tell me what it says in the drop down.
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    What have you selected in Sys Prefs > Sharing > Internet Sharing? You want to share from Huawei Mobile and to Ethernet. Is that what you selected when you got the error?
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    Yeah, pretty sure I did. I think it shows in one of the screenshots.
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    Hmm, that's interesting, the box at the bottom shouldn't be blank. I'm not sure where to go from here.

    Edit: Actually, go back to Network and select Ethernet. Click the cog down the bottom and choose Make Service Active. It should then show up under Internet Sharing.
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    Yeah, I don't understand why it is. I found a video tutorial on how to connect to PSN using a 3G modem, but the dude who showed it didn't have the blank box.
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    Ok here's what you have to do.

    Go to the System Prefs -> Network again and click the one that says ethernet. Click the little gear at the bottom and make it active (tell it to apply settings if it asks you to)


    Then, go back to the Sharing and the Internet Sharing. Keep the share your connection from at HUAWEI Mobile and select Ethernet on "To computers using." Then, check the box next to Internet Sharing to turn it on. Try connecting the ethernet cable from your MBP to the PS3 and tell me if that works.
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    No, it doesn't work yet, but we're getting there. :D

    It says;
    "The network has a self assigned IP and will not be able to connect to the internet."
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    Which panel is saying that? The Network panel should, and the Internet Sharing panel should not.
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    In Internet Sharing, when you view ethernet does it say Configure IPv4: Using DHCP? If not, try to set it to that.
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    The Network panel.

    If I set it to that then I get the 'self assigned IP' error. :(

    I'm trying to do what it shows in this video, but can't get it working. I think I might be doing something wrong with the IP address stuff, or maybe even with the PS3 Network settings;

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    Check System Prefs->Security. If it is enabled, disable it (you may have to click the padlock and type in your password to be able to do this).
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    Still no luck.

    On PS3 it says it failed to obtain IP address.
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    So you were able to enable sharing by disabling the firewall (forgot to mention that you have to go under the firewall tab in security... sorry) or by changing the gateway to

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