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Connection some of the time!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dukeboy749r, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Hi guys

    Firstly, having spent a frustrating few hours (nearly eight when I last looked...) trying to a) understand and then b) solve this issue, I finally twigged that there had to be a place on the net like this...:D

    Anyway, I have tried the usual searches on here (trying not to duplicate posts) but mine seems (or perhaps it is my searching:eek:) to be unusual.

    I recently changed my home computer (PC - I'm sorry and I know this wouldn't be an issue were it a MAC:eek:) but anyway, have finally gotten the iTune library to sync properly with my wife's iPod however, whilst the lead to teh PC works fine, the cradle dock I have on a Denon stereo (ASDr - 01) which worked a treat, plus the iPod power lead, now no longer 'see' the iPod!:mad:

    Now I could understand a software error like that, but surely the leads are only that - leads and the iPod should just see them (pus the cradle obviously). I have reset the iPod so many times (three) I am concerned that as it is having no effect I need to try something els.

    The Apple site was no help, nor was the Denon site - so a Transatlantic appeal to you guys!!:D

    Any thoughts or help - gratefully received.


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    Hi TEG

    My apologies - it is late over here and I am struggling luddite!

    The iPod connects (and charges to the home PC) but having (finally) managed to re-sync my iTunes lirary I took the iPod to the stereo downstairs and reconnected it into the Denon ASD - 1r cradle, but a) the iPod didn't come on and b) the stereo no longer 'sees' teh player, but then I tried the power cable that came with the iPod and it too does not seem to be working with the player - although, as I say, teh home pc is both syncing and charging the iPod - strange...:confused:

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