Convert Mkv and Keep DTS?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jmcgeejr, Mar 28, 2012.

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    So I am thinking of converting my mkv's to m4v for my atv, but I am going to just keep them in 1080p and what I want is to have something convert the dts to aac but also keep a copy of the dts, I know the file will get bigger but this way I can have the high quality of dts and still keep aac for use with my iTunes for the wife. Is there anything that can do this? And do it in batches? I am on a mac by the way.
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    Subler if you want to remux only and HB if you want to transcode the video. Subler is a remuxer but can also convert dts to aac in the process ( note, it cannot convert dts to ac3 while hb can).
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    And AAC would be the better choice correct?
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    Why not convert the DTS to AC3? You will then have high quality digital surround sound and unless you've got amazing ears or really expensive equipment, chances are you would never hear a difference in quality.

    Then you don't have to mess with trying something complicated and managing multiple versions of the same file.
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    I was under the assumption that the audio had to be in aac in order to get surround sound from iTunes sharing to my atv3?
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    The Apple TV will passthrough AC3 to your receiver and you can get surround sound that way. Most people get their surround from AC3 because all receivers will decode AC3 but only some will decode AAC.

    It all depends on the equipment you have in your setup.

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