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Convert Windows programs to Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ceytl, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Is there a way to convert a Windows program to a mac or do you build it from the ground up? Also if you cannot convert the program, is there a way to use some of the same data files in the mac app?
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    That depends on the kind of program you wish to convert. Simple applications which involve nothing more that a console will convert fine by just compiling them with a Mac compiler.

    As far as the program's data is concerned, in most cases you will not need to convert them, but there are exceptions. If they are cross-platform data (like a specific image format, or movies, or plug-ins designed for the program) I think that you shouldn't have any problem.

    But, again, you can't tell for sure, because each program is different. In your post you don't give any specific information about the program you wish to convert so I cannot tell you if it can be done.
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    Assuming you're talking about porting source code, depending on how complicated the program you can look into Darwine. It's a port of the wine libraries to OSX. The wine libraries essentially port the win32 system calls to other platforms, so you can have source code compatibility. Recompile the app with winelib and it runs native, then you can take your time slowly moving to Cocoa native calls.

    Of course the practice isn't nearly as simple, and work ntill needs to be done, but it gives you a good first step.
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    This is the program

    The program is called Parts Mart

    you can download the program from my website.
    it is in a zip format

    The program basically lets you look a lawnmower model# then search for parts through diagrams, when you select a part it tells you a price and current info. The manufacture price files come with the cd so you can get their current information.

    I wanted to know if it could be converted over to a mac and how I could find someone I could hire to do it.

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    help converting windows programs to mac...

    can anyone tell me if it's possible to convert a windows program/game to mac? cause i have this really simple 2d game on my windows thats unbelievably addicting (its called "icy tower" download at www.freelunchdesign.com) and i really need to find a way to convert it to mac platform. any help?
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    Depends one what it's written in, for starters. If it's a VB app, then you're pretty much going to have to rewrite it or run it under Virtual PC. If it's a Win32 app, the Darwine will suffice. If it's a C#/.NET app, then you're probably best off rewriting it in Java.
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    Unless you have the source code, then you can forget about converting it.
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    Your best bet would to run it in VirtualPC or something, because you don't have the source code so the program would have to be written from scratch.

    Considering it is being sold for $240 at http://ipmsoftware.com/partsmart.htm I seriouly doubt that you are going to be able to find someone to write it for you at a reasonable price.
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    So what about this worlds greatest game, generally? Can someone convert it to mac? i tried from parallels, but it's laggin so much u cant play it :( so....
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    Nice thread resurrection my friend.
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    If you have the source code (not normally available) and a team of expert programmers yes. How much are you looking to pay to have this done? I expect a budget in the 10s of thousands at a minimum will be required.

    Unless it runs OK under crossover...

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