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Converting 3d files

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ghall, Feb 6, 2007.

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    How do I convert a .max file into a format that's usable in Carrara 5 Pro. Do I need a certain app? Thanks.

    Lightwave and 3DS do work with Carrara, but I'm not sure about other formats. Any way to convert MAX to 3DS or lightwave?
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    .max is from 3ds max then you will more than likely need 3ds max. 3ds max can convert it to 3ds and others internally. Its a windows only program and costs a few thousand to buy :rolleyes:

    I dont know of any software that can just convert it though.
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    A few thousand!!?:eek:

    If there is no free or reasonably priced conversion software, does anyone know where I can get a good model of the USS Enterprise in 3ds or lightwave format?
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    Okay, I just tried Blender. No luck.
  5. ATD
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    From what I understand the .max only works with 3DStudio Max. If it were saved as a .3ds file you will have better luck. Check your software to see what formats it will accept.

    This place has lots of models in many formats


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    I'm in the same boat. I also tried finding a converter last year but there is nothing cheap or Mac compatible out there. Too bad, 'cause I found some awsome free .MAX models out there that I can't use.
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    Why didn't I think of this before? I just sent an email to the website where I got the model to see if I can get the model in another format.

    Now that I think of it, I remember seeing a Windows program not to long ago that could view and convert almost any 3d model format. I don't remember what it's called.
  8. ATD
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    This maybe?


    Now if only they would make it Mac native.

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    And lower the price a little. I'm going to try the demo, see if I can get anything done with it.

    I hope it works. For some reason though, I thought the software I had found was free. Oh well.
  10. ATD
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    I don't think it will convert a .max file unless you have Max. I have been looking for years for a good Mac based converter...

    still looking

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    I think you're right. Damn.
  12. ATD
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  14. ATD
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    Let us know if that works. ;)

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    Will do.

    I filled out the form for a trial download and I haven't got an email yet. Hmmm.
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    Ask the website where you got the model to send you a .obj {wavefront} format file.The .obj format is one of the most universal 3d ones out there.
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    I'll try that. Thanks.
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    Okay, so I got a 3d model of the Enterprise that will open in Carrara. It's in .cob format, and Carrara is supposedly compatible, but when I import the model, the textures are all misplaced and I can't seem to fix them.

    Any help whould be appreciated.
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    That sounds like the models UV to me.

    Different apps handle uv maps differently.I dont know how Carrara handles its uv natively sorry.You could try different projections say cylindrical and definitely planar if you have not tried that already.

    Have a look in Carraras manual and see how it how handles imports.There is a good chance it may have a tip etc on something to do.

    Are the maps turning out upside down?...If so go into your UV tweak area in your application and flip the UV on the vertical.Failing that try the other ideas.
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    Try looking on turbosquid.com. They have a lot of free and really cheap models on there, the enterprise seems like a model that they might have a free version of.
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    I did that. It's $140. I'd rather spend that money on Leopard. :D

    The maps are not upsidedown, they are all twisted. I'll see how to change the projections. The texture system in Carrara is pretty complicated compared to other apps that I've used though, so I'll be lucky if I figure it out.

    BTW, I imported the model into Blender to see if I could do anything with it in there, and the model itself got all screwed up. What causes that?
  22. ATD
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    Translating models between programs can get messy. A lot depends on the program it came from and how it's translated. I buy models for Maya all the time and unless they were originally made in Maya I will need to fix something. I don't work in Carrara so I'm a bit short on answers, you may need to break out the manual to see how to untangle the UVs.

    Here's a model collection that has lots a battleships just not the USS Enterprise, you are looking for the USS Enterprise instead of the Star Trek one, right? For $200 you get over 500 models. Still not sure if this translate to Carrara but it's worth a look.


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    Oh, yeah. Should have been more clear. This is the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, not the naval ship.

    I've tried everything I can think of. I even tried retexturing the model. Who'd have thought that this would be so friggin difficult.

    Okay, sp here is my current status: I have two models of the Starship Enterprise, one is in .cob format, and the other is in .max format. The .max file cannot open in Carrara at all, and the .cob will open in Carrara, but the textures are all messed up.

    I'm just gonna' go to a more specialized forum. Thanks for your help guys!
  24. ATD
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    Here's one in the 3ds format and it's free


    Other than that a more specialized forum is where you might get better answers.

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    Thanks for the link. I'm actually talking about the classic USS Enterprise, but still, pretty nice find. I'll check it out, maybe download it.

    Thanks again to everyone for your help.

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