Converting files to WMA's on my Mac

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jefferyd32, May 3, 2012.

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    i just got a new car that has a hard drive that only accepts WMA files. Is there a way to convert my iTunes MP3's to WMA files on my Mac so I can load them via USB in my car?

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    Try XLD, but why not just use MP3s? I can't imagine your car not supporting MP3s but supporting WMA. Ford Sync?
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    It won't read straight mp3s only wma files. It's a 2008 dodge charger. Trust me I tried.


    What is XLD?
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    I've looked at the 2008 Charger specs, it claims MP3 support. It would be crazy to have a media player that didn't support MP3 nowadays. How are you trying to import the music? USB?

    And yes WMA is a proprietary Windows format.
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    Yeah, I am trying to us USB, as when I use CD's it often doesn't make a clean copy. It may claim mp3, but the navigation booklet states wma files only. And when a USB is plugged in with straight mp3's it says no supported files found. Looks like I'll have to find a windows machine I can use to convert to wma's.

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    Can VLC export to wma?
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    Windows 8 consumer preview is currently free to download. I used Bootcamp to install it when I need Windows for one tiny simple thing.

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