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Converting PDF to multiple pages

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by J Radical, May 27, 2009.

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    J Radical

    Hi guys, I have a PDF version of a Power Point Presentation, that is 1 page per PP slide. For the past 20 minutes I've been trying to find a way to change the PDF document to multiple slides per page (or rather, multiple pages per page).

    I do not have access to the original power point file. And I'm trying to e-mail, not print this document.

    How can I convert a PDF file so that multiple PDF pages are squeezed onto a single PDF page?

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    Can't think of a way you could, unless you have some PDF imposing software like Quite Imposing.
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    You can just print to PDF (File >> Print), in the Layout section, choose how many pages you want per sheet and hit the PDF button at the bottom left.
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    Never tried to do this.

    OP, why do you need to convert to say 2 slides per page? File size?
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    J Radical

    Doesn't work, in Preview when I select the print multiple pages per sheet option the preview pain doesn't change to reflect the changes I've made- when I save using the option in bottom left the 'new' document is identical to the original.

    In Acrobat Pro the preview panel does change, but when I try to save it will not allow me and says I must do it using 'file --> save' on the menu bar, meaning once again I cannot alter the document. (You cannot save with the print dialog box open)

    Yeah its an issue of file size, I have 10 of these huge documents and can't mail them as they are, zipping doesn't do enough.
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    You might create a free account at ADrive for example.

    Upload the files. Then send out e-mail links to the receivers so they can download the files.
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    You mention you have Acrobat Pro - if it's a size issue, you can use 'PDF Optimiser' in Acrobat Pro to reduce the resolution, increase the compression, and in turn reduce the file size of each PDF.

    Sorry if this is already something you've tried though.
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    It would take some time, but you could create a blank page in Photoshop, then rasterize the PDF pages one by one and shrink them to fit on the new page you created.
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    Good point actually... What software do you have?

    If you have InDesign, you can make a master page with some boxes, make a load of pages and drag each PDF page into a box and use an object style to format and fit them how you please.
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    I just tried this with Preview and Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. Both seem to work without issue for up to 16-up.
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    Pages per Sheet broken after update to 10.5.7???

    I have been using the Pages per Sheet function to create PDFs (without Acrobat) with 4 pages to a sheet for years. All of a sudden it won't work for me any more. The only change I can think of is the recent OS update. Is anyone else having this problem recently?

    Any ideas how I can fix it?

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    The preview panel doesn't change, since it previews one page, not one sheet (you're printing several pages per sheet, but your pages haven't changed).

    I can also confirm that this continues to work as usual (on 10.5.7).
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    No... see the attached files. A.pdf is what I want. B.pdf is what I am getting -- with the exact same settings -- except that I generated A a few weeks ago, and B last night.

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    In the Print window, choose "Layout" and select "4" in the Pages per Sheet dropdown. Then click the PDF dropdown (lower left) and select "Save as PDF". Took me 5 seconds.

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    Thank you for trying to help, but I don't think you took into account what I stated. I KNOW HOW to do that. I have done it before exactly as you describe. I gave you two files as samples to show you I accomplished it previously. IT NO LONGER WORKS for me.
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    It's now been confirmed that

    1. It's not a problem with 10.5.7.

    2. It's not a problem with the files you're working with.

    So you've now got pretty good reason to assume it's a problem with your system. You can try deleting Preview's preferences, but I doubt that will help. Have you tried this in another application (say, creating a PDF from TextEdit)? another user account?
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    OK, everyone. With the help of Apple support, I discovered the problem was caused by the fact that my previously installed printer driver was no longer appearing on the list as an installed printer. I don't know why it disappeared... I'll blame the OS update. And I don't know technically why it matters, since I was not actually trying to print, but only create a PDF. But when we noticed the printer driver was not shown, I connected to my printer, re-established it as the default printer, disconnected from the printer, and now it works just as it should -- I get 4 pages per sheet in my PDF just like I used to.
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    Glad to see it's working now.

    I am not sure why it technically matters unless it needs a region to print to which the associated print driver provides.

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