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Cool iPod Features

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iminimac, Jul 21, 2005.

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    with the new color ipod (or the ipod photo) there a are few cool features which you could use

    1. you can view comics on your ipod: just save each comic picture and view them in order on your ipod

    2. you can view powerpoint presentations: just save each slide as a photo and view it on your ipod as a slideshow

    what other cool options like this do people know?
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    i remember seeing a tool that could get keynote files onto a ipod photo.

    try searching version tracker for it,
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    Am I the only person who uses my iPod for listening to music? :rolleyes: ;) :D
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    I bought mine as a status symbol. I just walk around with it in my hand and people compliment me. You mean you can actually turn it on and it *does* stuff?

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    u can download these things called istories which are like those choose your own adventure books
  6. zim
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    :eek: You took yours out of the box!
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    Doctor Q

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    You can of course store files on your iPod as a way of carrying them around with you. I wonder how many people use iPods exclusively for this purpose (not for music or viewing photos). That may seem silly since there are cheaper portable storage devices, but if somebody got a new iPod perhaps they'd use their old one only for its hard drive.
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    Dude, no, I just wear the whole box on an iLanyard™ around my neck!

    The iLanyard is white, of course. :)
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    Royal Pineapple

    i have a 2nd gen 10gig ipod that has a broken headphone jack, i use it as a portable hard drive all the time, its come in handy more than once.
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    That is neat! Or were you being sarcastic? :eek: If not, could you post a link?
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  14. zim
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    I use my iPod primarily as a music player but I also...
    1. back up alarm clock when traveling.
    2. quick access to addresses for sending post cards.
    3. storage for all my photos (I have a belkin media reader).
    4. notes, yes I use the notes option. Typically my notes are things like gift ideas etc... directions, lately I have been putting driving directions on it.
    5. I typically keep some random file on it, sentimental crap... my wife when away for work and I stuck some images of us on it and a pome (not that she could see any of it or know that it was there because she has my original 2Gen iPod.
    6. Flash light... only once when I had dropped my keys at night.
    7. calendar
    8. at times I try to play solitaire on it... even though every time I play I remark how frustrating it is to play. I wish they had a tetris game for it.

    I hope to soon purchase a new iPod - 20 GB model to replace my current 20 GB black and white model... my wife will inherit my current iPod.
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