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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Cuckoo, Nov 7, 2003.

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    Hi folks,

    New 15" Alu pb.... i do have two questions regarding the hardware.

    One, i've never heard the fan spinning, is it that quiet? Or how can i make it spinn?
    And two, i've bought a 5400rpm drive, is there a way to check if that's the drive which is installed? It's a Hitashi (iirc), but i can't seem to find the rmp-age...

    Thanks for any info

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    All computing problems can be solved with a Phillps head screwdriver and a little know how. If your that concrened about the harddrive pop the case, the harddrive should be labled.

    About the other part. Laptop fans only spool when they need to, eg. if your taxing the computer, if all you do is type in a room between 20-25deg C then there isn't much stress on the processor and hence it doesn't heat up, so the fan doesn't need to turn on.
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    Rather than go madly hacking into your laptop as some would have you do...

    Open Apple System Profiler and get the model from the devices info and look it up on Google.
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    You just go arround looking for threads that have my name on them don't you Rower.

    Any way, the point I was trying to make was that you don't need to go "madly hacking" as you put it since instaling RAM requires the removal of the external case.

    But rather that almost all bolts on computers require a Phillips head screwdriver, so that is the best tool for the job. I'm not too familiar with the Powerbook, but I know the desktop macs are very easy to pull apart, so popping the case off the laptop sholdn't be too much of a hassel.
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    Nope, just threads with misinformation.

    You access the RAM slots in PowerBooks under the keyboard (no need to remove the back cover), and you pop the case off with Torx drivers, as with most laptops.

    Check out Apple's Customer Installable Parts index for how-to articles on all current models:
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    Thanks for the info, gonna check the google-thing


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