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Coreplayer developer

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Imixmuan, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Well if they've gone to the wall anyway, then surely there is no longer any legal impediment to "redistribution" of CorePlayer by end users? ;)
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    There may not be any legal impediment, but there is still a logical one. Each Coreplayer binary is set to only run on one Mac by the Mac's serial number. As far as I know, it has never been cracked.
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    Don't torrent much do you?

    There is enough cracked core players on TPB to download one everyday of the month.
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    None of them are the Mac versions. Their all the PocketPC/Windows Mobile ones or the Windows ones.

    Don't do much research do you?
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    Yes there are thats how I got core player after they couldn't get me a functional serial..I can drop box it when I get back to the apartment if you'd like.
  7. Intell, Sep 14, 2012
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    Currently on TPB, there are 11 results. They are all for PocketPC, Symbian, or Windows Mobile 6. Expanding the search to include other questionable sites only adds an older Windows version. No cracked version of CorePlayer 1.3.X exists at this time.
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    Count me in also.. I really want that program. I really wanna see for myself 768/1068 capability on my G4 1.67 Dual layer powerbook. I want to see if Zen really did tell the truth.

    As I said, count me in also. Yeah, downloaded a couple of coreplayers off of TPB - All for PocketPC, none for PowerPC.

    QUOTE=GermanyChris;15675166]Yes there are thats how I got core player after they couldn't get me a functional serial..I can drop box it when I get back to the apartment if you'd like.[/QUOTE]
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    ...that Mobihand no longer exists as a business entity I don't have any moral issues using a cracked piece of software, especially since I've actually bought a copy of the program in the past. I think tying software to a particular piece of hardware is ridiculous. If I buy the White Album, I should be able to play it any turntable, CD player or ipod I want. Software should be no different.

    Which is why, increasingly, I am moving to Open Source. No, it's not the mac, but then again, macs are no longer really macs either.
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    Jessica Lares

    Me too, I just want to see all the rave about this app really. :p.
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    Just given Chris a gentle reminder ;)
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    Well, as a long time Palm User, Coreplayer was the best player I could find. It had its own codec libraries. My experience with Palm OS was awesome, I bought it after it became commercial (formerly The Core Pocket Media Player)

    It was somehow expensive. I never tried the Mac version since there was no trial available and was afraid it wouldn't work.

    For the record, it played 720x480 .mkv videos (non converted) with no issues on my Palm Life Drive
  13. Nealjane, Oct 13, 2012
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    Ive not been able to get a copy anywhere either.....:(? Anyone had any luck with getting a copy through Germany chris??
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    I hear if you sign up for Softonic, you can get any version of any software
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    Any copy you would be able to find won't run on your machine because the serial number isn't the same as the machine it is licensed to.
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    GermanyChris claimed to have a cracked version for Mac.
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    His claims have been debunked and nothing has been produced.
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    It's strange he would say that and offer to Dropbox it if not legit.

    But then he's been unresponsive to PM/email whilst active on other threads.

    Seriously, what does Mobihand have to lose by providing it openly out of goodwill before shutting their doors and switching off their lights?
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    Yeah... There's has to be a way to buy it!
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    They probably are trying to hock off their intellectual property to the highest bidder, to cover the cost of shutting down, which can be substantial. There might also be litigation issues we are unaware of.

    There are a Ba-billion cracked PC/mobile phone coreplayer downloads out there. None for the mac though....

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