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Cost of Running a Mac HTPC 24/7/365

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by darkgroove, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Interesting. I have considered using a mac mini as a HTPC (can't convince wife to get rid of cable). I would, however, never consider buying a Mac Pro to do so. For now the PS3 works, but am sure eyeing the new Mac Mini redesign with HDMI!
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    Yeah, using a Mac Pro would be silly. But then again, I use my 24" iMac to encode stuff sometimes (overnight, I might add). So now I'm going to put most of the work on the Mini i have.
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    they are comparing 2 different animals.
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    I'd like to use a mini as a htpc. But I don't it will play 1080P mkv encodes.
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    I know of people who play 1080 on 1.8(?) GHz models.

    1080p plays like butter on my 2.4 C2D.
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    A dual 1.8 G5 wont play 1080 very smoothly. 720 is it's max. My PM G4 dual (see sig) will play 720 if I don't have any other apps open, and if the bit rate isn't to crazy.

    I'm debating between a Mac Pro or a iMac for my next computer. I would like a Mac Pro just for raw power, and expansion. But a i7 iMac will hang with a single CPU Mac Pro. And is a lot cheaper :eek:
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    If you are serious about your Mac HTPC, you need no less than a mini with a Core 2 Duo. Minis with the Core Duo will playback some 720p material just fine and others horribly. Anything before that and you can just forget it.

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