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CPU Temperature, normal ?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by BIGgui_X_, Nov 3, 2003.

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    on a dual 1.25, 1.25gig ram, 2 80 hdd's radeon 9000 pro, my cup's (with the temperature monitor app) are at 55 deg celcuis. is it too hot ? Anoyone tried overclocking his mdd 1.25 to 1.33 or, aven , 1.5 ?? i'm planning to try, i'll keep you informed..

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    55deg sounds fine although a little warm side. You may consider changing to an active or liquid cooling solution before attempting to overclock.

    I overclocked my graphics card and now it runs too hot to touch, smoother graphics though:)
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    wich graphic card did you overclock ?
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    wich one did you overclock ? Radeon 8500 ?

    Does anyone of you know why raising the core voltage of a CPU helps in overclocking ?? I understand the multiplication thing, but, I often see that someone was only able to overclock his CPU when he raised the voltage to 1.9, or 2 V , etc... I plan to, maybe, overclocck my dual 1.25 to 1.33, or maybe more... so i'm interested to know more about that and watercooling too !!
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    Dont Hurt Me

    good question, im running a 1.4 owc in a quicksilver and have it bumped to 1.467 and its running stable. its been on all day and ive been doing RTCW and UT2K3 anyways is there anyway for a quicksilver owner to see his cpu temp running 10.2.6? ive never seen anything about a cpu temp in my machine? Reason i ask is i did a few mods to the quicksilver
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    -Dont Hurt Me

    You can find some temperature utilities on Versiontracker. Don't know about graphic CPUs, but they exist for CPU. You QS should be supported, I guess.
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    i'm using Temperature Monitor, maybe it'll work for you too !

    Check this out
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    What's the point of overclocking a 1.42 to 1.467? Did you add a Type-R sticker and a spoiler as well?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    looks like original quicksilvr doesnt have this feature even with a newer cpu upgrade. this is what temp monitor told me thanks anyways .
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    Dont Hurt Me

    1.4 to 1.467 to see if i could do it and when playing power games such as UT2K3 you need every frame you can get. as much as Apple would like you to think different there is nothing like clock cycles. Apple world or Pc world
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    They're just games though... you don't really need anything. I could see if you were doing scientific research, but one or two more FPS.. who cares..
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    Dont Hurt Me

    its not just frames but being able to turn more things on, who cares ? millions and millions of gamers who are pushing the pc past 3.2 ghz which we have not caught and the millions of xbox,ps1&2 and game cube owners thats who! also the Mac Gamers that are Pushing the machine to the limit while you are checking your email
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    Checking my email... yes, that's all I do.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    everyone would like to get the most out of a machine??? who cares?? what kind of question is that. its a known fact the more clock the more work period. and with years of motorola we have not gotten the clock.
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    yes but.. you increased it about 50hz...
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    dude, thats funny as hell
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    yeah, this is funny !!! but i'm also the kind of guy that wants to always push my mac to the limit, but i do not really have any reason to do ! just for the fun of it ! I'm really aware that it will not boost much the performances... I just want to think it does... it's kinda like receiving another new mac... for a couple of hours....

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    Dont Hurt Me

    well thats the problem with motorola, lucky for mac users Steve made a deal with IBM, in the mean time ill squeeze every drop of speed from the stagnating,stuck in the mud, G4. and it was .67................ , anyways Apple has Squeezed for all its worth hence the new G5:D
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    Sounds fine?!?! For a mac this sounds very high!! My proc is running 23 degrees celsius and when I overclocked it, it was running 27 - 32 degrees and ofcourse kept on crashing... Even modified the busspeed an speed of the L2 cache. But no stability... :(
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    You have a B&W G3 or something ? That is was i was getting when overclocked my B&W G4 from 300 to 380 mhz. Now, i have a Dual G4 1.25... alot more heat coming out of those CPU's !!! i' tru to put some little Fans at the back of the heatsink, to evacuate the heat out ouf the case...
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    i agree. Even the most overclockable AMD chip, the 1700+, runs on 1.5Vcore.

    And thermal dissipation ran around 44-45 Watts.

    This processor ran around 29-30degrees with an OEM cooler, probably could hit 27 with an SLK.

    However, i can see how a pentium 1 can run @ 20 degrees if you put an SLK on it.

    Dreadnought: If it was crashing, it probably needed more voltage (but will run a bit hotter obviously).
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    I have a single 1.25 G4, and last time I checked it was running at 32.5 °C.

    BTW, today's useless fact: Press Shift-Option-8 to type the ° symbol.
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    I overclocked my graphics card and now it runs too hot to touch, smoother graphics though:) [/B][/QUOTE]

    wich card did you overclock ??
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    My iBook regularily runs at 75ºC when I am playing a game or doing something processor intensive. I think that in a big tower case with the massive heatsinks that the G4s have, plus fans, your computer shouldn't have much of a problem at 55ºC. (BTW - It's completely stable at 75º as well...)
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    Shouldn't that be toasting your legs? Mine runs pretty hot too but I can still use it as a laptop when wearing shorts (55°C ?)

    Enough of the "racial profiling" already! I can hit "Shift + )" to get the ° symbol on my keyboard :p :p :p

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