crap! I have 2 iPad 2's!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Buckit, May 20, 2011.

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    ok... so I looked every where for an iPad 2 16gb Wifi Black for about a week. Then I decided I was spending too much in gas and I should just be patient and order one.. so on the 8th I ordered one from apple.

    well... today I looked and the status was still 'Not yet shipped'. I then did my daily routine of checking walmarts website to see if any local walmarts had one... SCORE! there was 1 store (for the first time in 3 weeks) that state "limited quantity" so I jumped in the card and went and checked... sure enough. they had 1 16gb wifi black! I bought it!

    woohoo! I finally have an ipad! now to cancel my apple order. guess what... while I was at Walmart, the status changed to "Prepared for Shipment" and I can no longer cancel the order.

    so here I am... I have 1 iPad 2 siting here in front of me all wrapped up and have a second one about to ship over to me. I only need 1!

    who wants to help me out and take the one shipping to me off my hands when it arrives? I just want my money back... so I am looking for $533. you pay any shipping or transaction fees.

    I am in dublin, OH if anyone wants to do a face-2-face.
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    Bernard SG

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    Just call Apple and arrange to return it. They'd tell you what to do, and you'll get your money back, perhaps minus shipping costs.
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    A) If you're selling the iPad, you need to put this post in the marketplace forum.

    B) As long as you haven't ordered any engraving, Apple will accept the return of the iPad no questions asked. You might even be able to simply refuse to accept the package when it arrives. I would call Apple though and ask them how they would like you to handle it.
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    I know I can return it with no issue. am not concerned with that at all. But I know a lot of people really want one and dont want to wait the 3+ weeks to get one from apple... so thought I would see if anyone wanted to get mine without the wait.

    and yes... a market place would be the right venue for this... but I cant find one. am I missing something? I must be blind! LOL
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    There is a marketplace, but you haven't been a member of the forum long enough to post on it. This is to prevent scammers.
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    Ahh... and that sir, makes sense!

    Mods, please feel free to remove this thread if it is a violation of any rules at all!

    My Apologies.

    and again... not looking to profit on this at all. just help someone out if they dont want to wait.
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    Not sure it is about length of time as a member, more about number of posts (or could be both), as I have been a member for two years, have 237 posts and still cannot see any marketplace :confused:
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    Capt Underpants

    I believe you need 250 posts to use the marketplace. You're almost there :]
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    You're almost there. :)

    It's 250 posts and 6 months as a member. Also note that certain categories (political discussion) don't count towards the 250 for marketplace purposes.
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    Cool, thanks guys :)

    Cant wait !
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    Well since it will be here before your return policy ends with walmart, you can always return the one u bought from walmart.
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    My wife and I ordered a white 16g 3G from the Apple website a few weeks back. We decided we want a black one too so we've been watching our local Apple store.

    This past Wednesday I found one at the local store and picked it up on my way home. To my surprise my wife also bought one from the same store that morning.

    Yesterday the white one was delivered so as of last night we had three iPads...from zero to three in twenty-four hours.

    I just walked out of the Apple store returning a black one. No questions were asked. Simple and fast transaction. We're giving the white one to a friend in China as a gift next month. Then we'll have just one.
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    Why would you create such a ridiculous posting. Just return one of them. Done.
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    Sorry... I didn't realize that giving someone else an opportunity to benefit from my predicament would be considered "ridiculous".
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    Well, you should have.
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    Capt Underpants

    The OP had good intentions -- which you clearly lack.

    "If you can't say anything nice..."
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    There are plenty of people with "extra" iPads to sell. There are places to sell them. Macrumors forums is not one of them.
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    Why would you write such a ridiculous response. Just ignore it and go about your day.
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    why can't your just return the first one back to Walmart?

    I got one the first day that it arrived Walmart.... decided I cannot live with only 16GB of memory, so I returned it a week later, in perfect condition.(except some fingerprints) Walmart didn't have any issues giving me a full cash refund. (cash is just as good as money, of course)

    Or, as others have stated, Apple can take it back....
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