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Discussion in 'iPod' started by nattyz, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I have a bunch of small vids (ebaums, etc.) that i converted for my 5G ipod that i want to put into a video playlist, and i cant figure out how to make a video playlist. i see no options for doin so in itunes. has anyone actually done this? any help is much appreciated. thanx
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    Just make a playlist with only videos in it.
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    lol, umm duh. too bad i tried that and it doesnt work.

    can i get some deatils from some one who has acttually done this with maybe some better descriptions of the process.
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    Problem with this is that they won't show the video of the next video playing. You'll hear audio but not see the video, which renders it kind of useless.
    I guess if it were that easy he wouldn't have asked. ;) :p
    Edit: I guess he might have. :D

    I have not gotten it work because of the above problem. You might want to send Apple feedback about that so they'll change it.
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    well its easier than i thought, i made one but it crashed my ipod (black screen w/ grey apple on it) :confused:

    maybe it that particular vid and not the playlist...we'll see

    still new to this whole apple/itunes stuff

    thanks for the replies
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    Perhaps next time someone tries to help you out, you should treat them with a little more respect. I can't stand it when people ask for help and then treat those that are trying to help like morons. :mad:

    I have created numerous video playlists by creating playlists with just video in it and have had no problems. I have six on my iPod as we speak, and they go to the next element in the playlist just fine. I use them primarily for TV shows that I've recorded and just go from one file to the next with absolutely no problems.
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    Do they work for you in iTunes too? Because for me the video will shut off when it switches to the next video.
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    Yep, it goes straight in to the next file just fine in both full-screen and mini-screen modes.
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    That is too weird. It doesn't do that for me. I wish it would though. I'll try trashing the .plist and see if that helps.

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