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Create notification for iPhone app

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by goldengel, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I am new in this forum and also in iOS. I created a small app for WP7. Now I tried to create same with iPhone. In WP7 I can submit a url to an automatically created URL to work with Notifications.

    In iPhone I read a lot about creating own servers just for Notification or paying money for third party Notification service?

    I have my own IIS7 Server but I can not believe that it is that difficult to just send notifications to the iPhone.

    Please, can you help me to include notification without charging to others?

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    Hi dejo.

    Thanks for your reply. In your link there is written:
    To develop and deploy the provider side of an application for push notifications, you must get SSL certificates from the iOS Developer Program portal.

    But that is very complicated in comparision to the WP7 where I just make 2 calls (1 for getting url and one for switching service on/off). Because Apple always makes things easyier I cannot believe that I have to make an SSL server or 3rd party SSL server with installation. I am sure, I did not understand something, because all used methods sounds too new for me.

    Perhaps it would be the most easy way to look into an code sample with simple notification without getting charged from 3rd party server?
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    First, are you interested in a local notification or a push notification?
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    Note that local notifications are a lot simpler than push notifications. For push notifications, you'll have to run / rent a server and work quite a bit, local notifications are very simple but require iOS 4.x. Personally, I'd use local notifications anytime over push notifications :)
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    Perhaps. But they are not simply interchangeable and do have at least one important difference: push notifications can be delivered even when your app is not running. :)

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