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Creating a bootable Lion Disk

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by lgwells1, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I did not download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store. I received Lion pre installed with my new Macbook Pro, which I am LOVING BTW! I am out of the Apple Up to date program, but there is a Lion Backup/Recovery partition on my HDD. How can I create a bootable disk from this partition?

    I am sure a lot of you will say that I do not need Lion on a disk, but I want a physical copy of Lion, without illegally downloading a copy.
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    I wish people actually replied intelligently after carefully reading the OP's post. The first step in this guide is:

    "Purchase and download Lion from the Mac App Store on any Lion compatible Mac running Snow Leopard."

    Note that OP didn't buy Lion from the MAS...


    You have two options. You can download the Recovery Disk Assistant and create the same Recovery Partition on any drive or USB Stick (it takes up around 750 MB). The only downside to this is it will not locally store the files needed to install lion, but download them when the time comes. To many, this is not an ideal solution.

    Another option is to follow this guide and pull down the actual InstallESD.dmg for your particular build (the new minis and Airs come with special builds, as do many of the machines that are now shipping with Lion). I've tried it on my new late 2011 mini and it worked superbly.
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    Thank you lokheed, I will try the bottom option as soon as my download finishes.

    I wish Apple would let you download Lion from MAS if you have purchased a new computer.

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