Creating a web outline?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by erkekre, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. erkekre
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    Feb 10, 2003
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    I have been looking for a way to create an outline of my website without having to construct it manually.

    I have looked and the only software I have found is a program called WebOutliner V1.01. I found it at, but I am unable to locate an official site or a way to register the software online.

    Incidentally WebOutliner V1.01 can export .mcf files...for Apple's HotSauce...remember that?

    Anyway, I would appreciate anyone's input in regards to a way of creating an outline, site map, hierarchy, or whatever...I just need to be able to create visual representation.

  2. theranch
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    Jan 3, 2002
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    Re: Creating a web outline?

    If you use Dreamweaver you could use the site map and take a screenshot of the layout OR if you are starting from scratch I recommend Omnigraffle which you can get at Omni Graffle to create your outline.

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