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    This question isn't OSX server specific but my application is, so I decided to post here.

    I just received a 2006 Xserve and in the process of setting it up. The only spare copy of OSX server I have is 10.5.0. I remember having several issues with this installer due to bugs in the x.x.0 version. The only disc I have is 10.5.0. I thought there was a way to create a installer disc/drive with the updates included, but I'm having trouble searching for the solution online. Anyone have a quick and dirty tutorial, or have a link to one? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Use System Image Utility, (SIU), to create a new installer with all relevant updates and packages. SIU is included with OS X Server. You can copy it over to a client machine to run it as long as the OS X versions are the same, i.e., OS X 10.6.x SIU must be run from OS X 10.6.x client or server.

    First, download all the updates and other packages you want to include in the new installer. Insert Install DVD and execute SIU from any machine that is 10.5 or later. The DVD should be automatically recognized as a source. Click on the source and choose "Customize" near the bottom.

    From the Actions Library, add "Add Packages and Post install scripts " to the workflow. Drag all your new packages to this pane and Run it. In the resulting NBI folder you'll find a netinstall.dmg file. Burn that to disk, flash drive, or whatever other media you choose. It's a bootable image that contains all the updates and packages you included.

    I was using OS 10.8.3 as reference for these instructions. It may be slightly different on earlier versions but this will give you the basic idea.

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    Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I knew there was a way to do it, I just haven't messed with boot images since back in the 10.4 days. I'm running 10.6 server on my mac mini and can use that to build the 10.5 server boot image. It should work fine for my purposes. I'll most likely burn a disc and keep it with my original 10.5.0 server disc. Thanks again.

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