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Discussion in 'iPod' started by adriantoll, Sep 3, 2005.

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    I'm building a website for a comedian who, amongst other things, wants to sell his material online. Rather than selling a CD and having the hassle of posting it out, I want to persuade him that he should sell it in digital format online. The problem is that he's worried about people emailing friends their favourite tracks. The other problem is that, apart from being a consumer myself, I don't know much about how copy protection works!

    I presume that there's no easy way of just creating copy protected files for people to download from the website, as they'd need to have people's ID embedded in them somehow, rather like songs from the iTunes store require your Apple / AOL ID to unlock them?

    Are there any services that people know of / have used to distribute copy-protected audio? Or am I wrong in assuming that you can't just make copy-protected audio files for download from a website?
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    ... I think you answered the question yourself, while im not 100% sure, it would be like a copy protected cd, you could not get it on the computer so it would be useless. It needs to have integration with an app designed to accept verified id users of there purchased music. ie iTunes.

    Of course like i said im not 100%, im just using my common knowledge :)
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    Peterkro thats for protecting the CD. The original poster whats to be able to have there customer's be able to download it off the net then having to ship a CD.
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    Yes your right 'snousa I should engage my brain before the keyboard.

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