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Creating iTunes Store Account- Won't accept my VALID security code!

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by MaskedPhantom, Dec 7, 2008.

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    I'm trying to make an iTunes Store account with my mother's MasterCard. Everything in the setup process goes well until I hit the part when I must enter in my three-digit security code. I do so, then proceed. iTunes won't proceed because it appears I have not entered a valid security code. But the problem is, it is in fact valid: I've used it before for other things and it works fine. I've triple-checked; it's kinda hard to incorrectly type a three-digit number.

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    When i've had that happen i've actually mucked up the CC number. Double check that end.
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    I've done that five times; still no go.
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    I don't recall if iTunes asks for your address but if they do, does it match the credit card billing address?
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    I usually spell my address out (7th would be Seventh) and I write the word "avenue" out. Do you think if the address does not match exactly (ie. me writing "Seventh Avenue" when card says "7th Ave"), that will have an effect on it?
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    Could be - has to match what the envelope says.

    And, do you have the card in hand? Because if your mom got a new card - the code would have been changed on it potentially.

    I also had something i could not get right - i'm trying to remember what it was on - but the 8 and the 0 was smuged and i was getting them mixed up.

    It was posted here this week how to set up an account without the CC - which won't help ifyou are trying to buy, but will get the account up and going.
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    I love how it seems that everyone is saying that YOU did something wrong when in fact this seems to be a very common problem. iTunes will not also not accept MY credit card security code or my fiances security code. And yes I've checked our address a million times and tjhe credit card number a million times and still it DOESN'T WORK!! I've also contacted the iTunes help which should really be called "iTunes we're gonna blow you off". I've been sent three seperate emails detailing what it is I need to do of course all of them said the SAME thing which did not work. My suggestion is to try to find other ways to get good music as iTunes customer service is a joke. Wish you luck!!
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    How is it now? Still problematic? Nothing has happened for me.
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    Any actual help?

    Yeah i have the same problem and im 100% positive this number is correct

    What do i do?
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    Purchase a gift card and you can use it to set up an account without a credit card.
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    Sounds like a plan

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    I got a new credit card just activated today and it says the Credit Card Processing is temporarily unavailable and to please try again later.

    Is this because the card was just activated today and will it work in 24 hours?
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    I had the same problem; make sure the expiry date is correct. On my card it is 01/09-04/12 and i mistakenly put 1/12 instead of 4/12... the security code was entered correctly the first time, so it seems as though that error message appears for various other errors.
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    Could be the problem. You need to enter what the post office has for your address not what you like it to be.
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    ituens does not accept my credit or debit card

    I'm trying to buy music from iTunes Store and I fill my credit card information and my address so many times but it still doesn't accept it. Says the security code should be 3 digit (which is of course!) or the card number or postcode is not correct (i am %100 sure they are correct). I am desperate and can't find any email address or phone number to call and complain. I saw these discussions happened here in 2007. Any solutions yet??
  16. azizlok, Dec 5, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2010

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    got the solution for the app store credit card secutry problem!!!

    when it ask you to verify the security code just change the card type to none and you will be able to by pass that security code verification.
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    I had this problem yesterday with my mastercard.

    Might be a mastercard problem.
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    any solution yet???
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    Thank you so very much to azizlok. I'm so excited that your solution finally worked. I can't believe how easy it was, but I never noticed the "none" choice. I've been trying to figure out how to switch to a gift card ever since my phone gave the me code error about 3 weeks ago. I've had an itunes credit on there for a while now & was up to 18 updates; I couldn't do any of them since it wouldn't let me bypass the code req.

    It seems it's still a common problem, but your simple & elegant solution finally solved it.

    Much obliged!
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    It's NOT you OR the card!

    I've had this happen WHENEVER I buy a new iOS device -- when I bought my iPhone, my partner bought his, AND when I bought my iPad. Seems adding existing accounts to new devices is particularly problematic. I was *hoping* to find an answer here and not just more questions, but when I saw everybody saying you must have fat-fingered the card # I had to speak up. My partner got his phone switched out today due to the flash washout issue and it happened AGAIN! same account didn't change card #s or anything .. Its been working fine, and bam! His new device asks him to ONLY enter the security code for verification -- and fails. He only had to enter 3 numbers, not change anything else, and I've got the card and have been using it in iTunes TODAY with no issue -- suddenly it starts failing for BOTH of us the minute his new device comes online -- so, it's an issue with the store, not you or the card. Usually "fixes itself" after a couple of days. Try entering another card -- then switchIng back -- that has occasionally worked for me.

    Hope that helps!
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    I believe they actually only compare the zip codes.
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    okay, how do you change your card type to none?
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    I have had the same problem. I get the same problem with the Sony PSN store. Its like they don't want my money.

    pretty sure this is my first post, and ive been lurkin for a while... would like to see this payment issue resolved. I have certain CCs used for online purchases for this reason. I was so pissed when I found out sony maybe lost my personal CC # that i dont EVER use online just for that reason. Not to derail the topic or anything lol.
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    We erased all of my boyfriend's credit card info and replaced it with mine...everything correct...and it still is not working. I went to the apple site to get help with this and, what a surprise! they want me to PAY for help with a product i feel cost too much in the first place! what a joke! no wonder i REFUSE to own apple products
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    Guys I have been fighting this for a month, after reading this post I tried to set the credit card to none as mentioned above, and 2 seconds later my app started downloading. This is 100% a apple issue. I've been pulling my hair out. Where it says the credit card you have on file. i.e. Visa tap that the last option is none. When you select this all your credit card info dissapears after this happens hit done... That's it, wish I would have relized this a month ago now Im missing handfuls of hair.

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