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Cricket Game

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Glenn Wolsey, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Glenn Wolsey

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    They look pretty standard, nothing spectacular. The composition is on the weak side.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Well, can I have your comments for these considering they were taken from 115 Meters away using a 3X Optical Zoom, 4MP camera, taken by a 12 year old (at the time)? :)

    Other than a more powerful zoom and better quality, what could be improved in general?
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    Clix Pix

    Your age should have nothing to do with the quality or lack of quality in the images...

    The middle photo was of more interest than the other two, and, yes, it could've benefitted from having a different camera and lens at the time.

    Now the challenge to you is: why am I specifically pointing out that middle image as being of more interest than the other two?
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    mad jew

    Well I'm no photographer but I like the middle picture the most because it makes me wanna touch my hair.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Is it because some form of action which is interesting has been captured, not just a normal picture with nothing really happening?
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    Clix Pix

    For me, what is interesting about that shot is the individual's facial expression, his demeanor,and the suggestion of action. Oh, and yes, his hair/headgear....

    That facial expression and the hands is what captured my attention the most.

    The other two shots were quite ordinary, nothing out of the usual to capture a viewer's attention, even momentarily....
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    Haha, Glenn, this is a joke, right? I mean that guy has an afro!

    Regardless, I don't really see anything happening in this photos. #2.. maybe.. but still..

    [I see you are using Aperture]
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    Glenn Wolsey

    This was the first ever 20/20 International game ever played, and they all dressed up for the event. The New Zealand team usually wear black not grey, and their hair is not so wacky ;)
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    Clix Pix

    But you see, the thing is, to the viewer coming to this series of photos completely "cold," without ANY previous knowledge of any backstory attached..what they see is what they're getting. ..All they are going to evaluate is what they are seeing in the photographs. This is what is important to remember when shooting...sure, YOU may know the backstory, the whole history behind something you're attempting to depict, but the viewer may not at all. He or she is going to take the photo at face value and perhaps add in his or her own interpretations (if it's that kind of image)....but they are not going to evaluate an image based on the back story or the fact that you're 13 years old or that you thought it was a super image to shoot.

    Universal appeal and universal understanding: THIS is where the "art" of photography comes in.....
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    Dude I love all those pics. I was at the game!
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Awesome! It wasn't exactly the right game to be taking pictures at as so many balls were going to the boundary. Great entertainment! Ponting's 98" was awesome.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Glenn, I like what you tried to do. But given your field position, I could only wished for more action. Either on the field or in the stands..
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Yeah, I understand that now. Back then I wasn't interested in the art of photography at all, or capturing the moment. A photo was just a photo, nothing more nothing less.

    Now I have a much better understanding of photography so look out for some more cricket photos within the next month.
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    Glenn, I think the shots are great.. people here don't respect the fact that a 12 year old is atleast making an effort to be a professional photographer.. I wonder what they did when they were 12.

    And most of the people who don't know cricket.. won't understand what these pictures are about (ammrikans) I've also seen other posts where you ask for tips on how to sell your pics and all people have done is ask you 'do you know how to take pics?' or criticise you and talk about getting a lawyer, etc etc.. just because they bloody don't know the answer!

    Keep taking pictures, everywhere you go.. cricket matches, festivals, regular everyday life, etc. The more you practice, the more you'll get better at it, so when you're 21.. and a world class photographer.. hey maybe you'll remember my positive comments :)
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    Yeah it was awesome, until we lost:(

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