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crushed ipod! Help!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jesuscandle, Dec 23, 2004.

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    So my ipod came out of the car's glove compartment today a little worse for wear. It looks like the top was squeezed into the bottom and the bottom has bowed out a little bit.

    First, the ipod still works.


    1) Anyone done this before? I'm worried things deteriorate.

    2) Any ideas how to fix it?

    3) Any danger of dust etc, getting in there and screwing things up?

    Please help set my mind at ease...

  2. jsw
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    It's very good news that it works. How long that will continue to be true, no one knows. To try to ensure the longest life possible, I'd highly recommend a skin, like iskin's evo or evo2 (depending on which 'pod you have). That should help keep out "bad things" and reduce further shock to its system.

    Treat it gingerly, and it should be fine. Drop it, and it's toast.
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    Essentially, I wedged my finger between the plastic and the metal. They separated enough to line back up and snap back into place. My fingernail was a little bit stuck, but it pulled out without too much trouble.

    thank you for the other advice!
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    Duff-Man says...when I saw the thread title I had visions of some poor iPod being totally mangled underneath an 18-wheeler truck...oh yeah!
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    same here

    i hope it continues to work without any problems
  6. jsw
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    Great to hear! I guess it wasn't as bad as I was picturing....
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    well, to be fair, I thikn I exaggerated a teensy bit with my thread title. I was very worried about it and wanted to do something folks would notice.

    At any rate, near as I can tell, it essentially was sqeeuzed a little in the glove box and became misaligned. I think it's great to know that things like that are not the death knell of my little white box of happiness.
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    These ipods can take a beating. Believe me cause I know... don't ask why though! :eek:

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