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CS2 Illustrator scaling shape makes it move too!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by jinnyuk, Sep 9, 2010.

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    I have CS2 Illustrator and recently when I scale a shape using the dimension boxes in the tool bar the shape moves to a totally different location on document :mad:. Can anyone help me? Or do I need to re-install the program again?
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    Sounds like you are not typing in new dimensions but new co-ordinates?!
    X and Y = page positioning...
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    I'm definitely changing the dimensions the object simply moves on it own accord???
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    You certainly do not need to reinstall the program again... I would agree with the previous poster and maybe you should do some testing on a brand new document to understand how this functionality works.

    Sometimes an other option can alter how an other one works. I have already waisted a lot of time like this. But as you can tell I am not an expert at Illustrator ! :)
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    Moving scaled graphic

    I think your problem could be you've selected or moved the reference point for your graphic. At the tool bar at the top of the screen there is a little grid of 10 dots, usually the centre spot is selected meaning any adjustments will scale from the centre, but if you've moved to one of the side dots (or even further) that's where your scale will start from, hence the graphic moving. I'm using a newer version of Illustrator (CS4) and can't remember if it's the same on your version, but would guess this is the problem. Reset the dot to the centre, fixed!

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