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CS5 uses?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by boatcapt, Jan 18, 2012.

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    I just got my mac and I'm starting to dabble in video editing. What is a good program for making headers, titles and such to put on my videos? What is CS5 good for?

    And for creating graphics or logos what would be a good program? I've read Adobe Illustrator is good, but $600 is a little steep for just learning this stuff. If I get really good at it and enjoy it, I can justify spending that kind of money. Sorry if these questions are obvious, just learning this stuff. Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe look at Final Cut Pro X and Motion first, before spending money on Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

    And have you tried Pixelmator yet?

    And have you taken a look at www.adobe.com and scanned the product pages for the explanations Adobe has for their applications?
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    In addition to what the poster above mentioned, if you want a low cost alternative to Illustrator have a look at Inkscape.
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    I flatly refuse to pay Adobe prices any longer. FCP is a good place to start...Okay, the interface is a little quirky, and it has it's bug's too, but it works.

    Adobe offer NOTHING to loyal customers IMO. They take the view that whatever it cost's the buyer will pay.
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    I have to agree with this. After the CS3/CS4 **** on loyal customers fiasco only to turn around and start charging for point upgrades (CS5.5).

    It is unreal how much they charge for their buggy software. Adobe is just like Autodesk. Charge a ton of money for very little new functionality and buggy software.

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