csr at apple store at nj today

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jvmxtra, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I checked into one of apple store in nj today and I was there for about hour checking out mba.... and I must say. I don't know if I have gotten lucky every time or people who were standing in my area were kinda.. hmmm.. but anyway, I hope those csr were an exception rather than expecting what's to come now that there is no more steve...(I know this is bit of overboard but)..

    Just felt that way.. People seem different.
    Perhaps I am just being bit sensitive(I wasn't the one who was being helped btw.. was just observing others who were being helped(or rather not being helped? or getting attack??) at where I was checking my mba.
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    all the CSR's in two big florida stores were as normal as ever - I don't think the avg person inside apple has been affected in the least.
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    The CSR's were kind of "hmmm"? What does that even mean?
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    I was wondering that too.. and I was wondering how much this actually has to do with a macbook air.
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    I do not understand the original post. Can someone decipher it please?
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    Klaatu. Barata. Nikto. ;)
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    I was like "no way" and he was all like "yes way". Y'know.
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    Yes, and no one checks in to a store. They visit a store.
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    This guy seems to be the only one here who can talk "teenager". He actually understood the OP and replied, using the same weird native tongue. :eek:

    The AVG person ? What's an avg person ? Man this teenager talk is so confusing.
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    Avg means average in the United states - I guess it's different in canada...
    the comment was avg person inside apple
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    I know what "avg" means, I was making fun of you abbreviating words in a forum that's not actually limited on characters. ;)

    You could have just as easily typed "average".

    Just a comment on the state of communication with the current generation. Their written and spoken language is on a downward spiral and as such, expressing their ideas and thoughts in a coherent manner is becoming harder and harder for them to do, as is shown in the OP of this thread.

    What actually happened in that store that day ? Who knows. I'm sure it's clear in the OP's head, but it sure isn't in his post.
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    screw that - I thought most people would know what avg means - I'm 61 and I do. You would do well to not comment on other people's posts ("this guy", WTF?) and just ask the OP what he/she meant. Really low class and sanctimonious, in my opin

    oh, and opin means opinion..LOL
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    Can you start over and explain what you meant here above?

    Sorry I have no idea.
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    Being 61 and having difficulty with written communication are not mutually exclusive. ;)

    The OP was asked to clarify multiple times. If he comes back to the thread, I'm sure he'll try. Until then, nothing wrong with having a little fun at the expense of people who feel the need to type in "Chat" or "Teenager".
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    Guys, sorry for my ambiguous post which led to confusion.

    I was just talking about seeing couple apple rep treating customers poorly at this particular apple store and was wondering whether this is trend now or was just seeing abnormality.

    I am sure it was just couple incidents so let's leave this alone.
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    The quickest way to make yourself queasy about owning any Apple product is to linger in a retail store for longer than 20 minutes...not sure what’s worse being the teacher or pupil :rolleyes:
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    lol.. but I rather do that than shopping w/ rest of the folks.. I rather stay at apple store for the entire duration of their shopping stops.. I can't do that

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