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Cube Audio issues

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by zursch, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I have a Cube running 10.5.8 with the original round speaker. Wanted to also run the iSub. Found a "fix" which replaced kexts from previous version. Long story short, now speakers don't make a sound. They are recognized in the system profiler, but not in the preferences pane. Any ideas?
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    Easiest bet is go back to 10.4.11 because the cube, even though people make it work the cube had no specific code (as it is a low power unit with high power USB ports in comparison) to regular G4's. if you have an accelerator or tricked the os to install on cube it's gonna be a crap shoot.
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    Did you repair permissions after installing new-old kexts?
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    I don't believe you can run the Cube speakers and an iSub at the same time. The drivers are simply not able to do that.

    Leopard has all the needed code to work 100% as fine as Tiger. There is nothing missing.
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    You can. This limit was in OS 9. OS X drivers do allow that. I don't have iSub to test but Cubeowner FAQs usually don't lie ;)

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