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Cube powerbutton

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by potatis, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Can someone tell me if the G4 Cube is possible to turn off by just pushing its power button, or does it go in sleep mode? Like, if you run it as a headless server with hard drives attached, and you want to plug them out, and therefore can't unmount them in Finder, it would be needed to be turned off first.
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    Tapping the power button will put it to sleep. Holding the power button for 3 seconds will turn it off.
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    Does the 3 seconds method it force it to turn off (is that bad?) or does it bring
    up the shutdown menu which automatically turns it off after 60 seconds or so?

    If it's a bad method, would it bring up file scanning & recovery files next boot,
    and might not be suitable way to shut it down if you run it without a monitor?

    How quiet are the newest Mac minis compared to the Cube if you use it 24/7?
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    Its a forced method that bypasses the OS and causes the power supply to switch off. Its ok in emergencies when the computer has crashed or locked up, however I wouldn't use it daily as the normal means for shutting down. The system may be writing to disk during that time, causing corrupt data to be written.
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    just set up screen shearing on it, thats what i have done with my server means you can unmount drives and shut down or do anything on it without ever having a keyboard, mouse or screen attached
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    You need Leopard on the Cube or will Tiger work for screen sharing?
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    Tiger will work for screen sharing.
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    Does the light on the Cube powerbutton pulsate or go off completely in sleep mode?
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    It should pulsate, like in any other G4.

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