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Current minis -- 802.11n or no?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Totalshock, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I'm confused about the current generation of 1.83 and 1.66 Core Duo minis -- do they, or do they not, have a wireless card which is realy for 802.11n if you buy an AirPort Extreme?

    The Web site seems contradictory, saying that all "currently shipping" Macs except the 17" iMac do, in fact, feature such a card, but then, where they list the actual models, they don't sem to specifically list the mini anywhere.

    Anyone have any guesses? Or better still, definitive answers? ;-)

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    The Apple page does not list the Mini as n capable, sadly:

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    Wait for the next update. 802.11n is too expensive for Apple to put into a $699 computer.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Your right Im sure its at least a dollar maybe 2.
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    Steve sells millions of these, a dollar difference can mean free private jet or not!
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    Im sure they will get it at the next update
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    don't think the current card in the mini is capable. it is an intel (made for apple) card, but is an exact match to THIS. you have to take the optical/hd carrier off to get to it, but should be a fairly easy upgrade when intel/apple release the next gen of cards.

    of course, if they release a software upgrade to 'n', i take it all back...:eek:
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    Yeah I don't think the minis have wireless N. I was very glad though when my mac pro was listed as supported. As many of us thought the Mac Pros card did not support it.

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