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Custom EQ: Why not?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lamina, Sep 20, 2007.

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    The iPod has a bunch of preset EQ's that are great, but I would like to be able to customize my EQ. Even 5-band would be nice.

    There would be no difference in processing the preset EQ settings versus a custom one, so why not, Apple? The iPod is the cream of the crop as far as digital media players go, so why not give us more discerning users the choice to listen to our music the way we want to?
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    The iPod's EQ pre-sets are terrible, they'll digitally clip the pre-amps, and it comes as a surprise that they haven't fixed them yet. Resting on laurels is the phrase that comes to mind.

    Cut, for heaven's sake, not boost. :mad:

    And yes, I've got some good headphones, Shures, so I'm kinda OK without EQ on most things... but it's the principle of it.
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    People use it?
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    Sure. Show me some ruler-flat earphones that are reasonably priced for most people, and also if you've heard some crappily mastered discs of older material, let's say Sly and Robbie dub-plates for instance ;), then a little EQ is perfectly acceptable.

    Let's not kid ourselves that every piece of music ever recorded has been mixed and mastered on the same setups.
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    No, I've got a lot of horribly produced stuff. I mean really nasty muddy flat sounding crap. Still don't use EQ.
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    I have no EQ or tone controls on my Hi-Fi and iTunes EQ is quite poor and leads to distortion on frequencies very easily.

    Actually I do use EQ when listening to audiobooks on my PowerBook to reduce sibilance. But never on music.
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    EQ is lame. Listen to the music the way it was intended.
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    I've never had to use the EQ... I listen to mostly electronic (trance/dnb) and a lot of rock as well, and they all sound crystal clear, no, diamond clear :)

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