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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by neo179neo, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Last year someone made me a custom tv folder: link (

    I was so pleased with the result and didnt know if anyone could possibly make me a few more?

    All in the same style, as if they were original folders that came on the mac...

    3D logo:

    with or without the underlined bit.

    Disney D:


    The D from disney, and the full disney logo.


    The pixar text...

    Hope some one can help me out...

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    Why not use the [​IMG] button to insert the images into your post?
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    Appoligies... hope this is better
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    Can you tell us why you don't just make them yourself?

    Turn it into a personal project.

    Learn a new skill.

    We'll help guide you through the steps.
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    Ok then help me through it... Was only asking as the guy that did it before did it so well and it seemed like he did it quick that was all...
  6. Apple Key, Mar 22, 2012
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    I'm not sure how Apple achieves this effect, but it is quite a bit more difficult than it looks (at least done accurately to match perfectly).

    This program does an okay job at it (Iconic).

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    Have a look at the free commercial icons from this company: Icon Factory. They make an application called candybar that will customize folders and icons for you.

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    In Photoshop you have two layers. They are both the exact same image: a blank folder icon. But the top layer includes a Mask, for instance your Disney 'D'.

    The Layer and any Effects applied to it "pass through" the Mask and are applied to Layers below. What is white in the mask allows the Layer to pass through, what is black is "blocked", and any level of gray un between white and black allows that percentage to pass through.

    So your Mask is the 'D' inverted: the letter is white, everything else in the mask is black.

    The upper Layer should be set to Multiply. I played with the percentages and found somewhere around 50% gives the right look.

    You then apply a Bevel and Emboss Effect to that upper Layer.

    That should get you there.

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