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Customizable Quote Preservation Level

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by wrldwzrd89, Jun 1, 2004.

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    I would like to see a feature added to MacRumors forums where the number of quotes from previous posts can be customized. Currently, only one level back is preserved, like this:
    What I would like to see is structures like this preserved to however many levels you want:
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    I can see thread becoming very long (many pages) if this were implemented.
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    Not really. Dumpshock does it successfully. The problem is that it requires a culture of actually editing the post being replied to down to the part that is actually receiving a reply, which doesn't particularly seem to exist here. Still, the inability to use nested quotes without adding them manually is really a significant implementation flaw.

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    The solution to that problem is to set the maximum nested quote level at something reasonable, such as 5.
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    screw 5 levels, just two would be a lot better than 1. I'd say, about once a week i wish this feature was implemented. Unfortunately, the majority of users don't quite understand the concept of selective quoting, and so yeah threads would get tremendously long. Plus, no one seems to read back more than 5 posts in a long thread, so there would be a lot of misquoting and extra quoting in that way-- rather than find the original, just quote a message that has it quoted.

    So, I suppose I can see why they've left it at 1.


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