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Dark Powerbook Screen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by arcobb, Apr 13, 2006.

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    The screen on my powerbook seems to be getting darker. Any ideas? I have it on full brightness. Is my screen going bad?
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    How dark are we talking? Can you take a picture? (No flash, but good indirect lighting would work.)

    PB/any other laptop screens aren't very bright compared to desktops and the like.
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    I don't have a camera handy right... I'll try later but next to my friends powerbook it seems like its on about half brightness. It's an early 05 1.67 Ghz powerbook.
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    If it's really only half of what your roommate's is and they're both on full brightness, I'd try running the hardware test on the OS X cd's. See if anything comes up.

    The next step would be to go to the nearest Apple store ( regardless of the test results ) and have them look at it. The backlight could be dieing.
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    I read somewhere (Real World Color Management) that the half-life for fluorescent backlight in LCDs is only 18 months. You can expect it to get dimmer with time. Don't know how that applies to Powerbooks in general, and your PB in specific.

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    Is it possible to replace the backlight? or do you need a whole new screen?

    * Thanks for reminding me about the hardware test... I'll do that when I get home!
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    The backlight being replaced does not require a new screen AFAIK.
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    The Rev. E 1.67 GHz PowerBooks had a brightness upgrade... at least the 17-inch model did. Could that be it?
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    Ah, didn't know about that. Your roommate's PB display could just be brighter than yours.

    Laptop displays are very dim. Just a fact of life.
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    Me thinks backlight dimming. My math teacher has a Pismo(bit older though) and its really really dark. Too dark. She may need a new backlight dark. I'd take it to the Apple Store and see what they think. They'll lead ya in the right direction.
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    That doesn't make a whole lot of since. My powerbook is about a year and a half newer then his.

    Also I just ran the Hardware test and everything passed fine.
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    It actually does make sense? HOWEVER, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW DARK "DARK" IS, so I really can't make judgement.

    Forgive me for trying to help.

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