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Darwin Open-Source

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by satans_banjo, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I just found the source code for Darwin on the Apple site. Unfortunately I can't program and i don't know where to start. Any good tweaks you can use, or am I completely out of my depth here?
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    As MisterMe said you are so far out of your depth you are drowning! Unless you have a second Mac you don't mind getting into a state you need to re-install the OS on when you break it just leave it alone!
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    Dude, you're not just outa you're depth - you've already drowned and been eaten by the shark.

    Btw, what are you planning on doing with that source? Read it? Or mod it?
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    You are out of your depth - with cement boots on :p

    But, fortunately for you, Vinnie and Geno decided to give you a little propeller incase you wanted to resurface and continue your life.

    Meaning: There IS a way for you to get back 'into your depth.'

    That way being to learn programming. Yes, it will take time, but if you really want to do this, definitely go for it.
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    wasn't sure really - probably just read it and learn something about the way that operating systems work

    i do know how to program a bit - i learn pascal for my computing A-level and i know a bit (a very small bit) of python
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    There are easier ways to learn this - for example the Tenenbaum book is supposed to be good. There's also a book that dissects one of the older (I think it was a 2.4.x version) Linux kernels. Knowing C really well is pretty much a prerequisite for this sort of thing.
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    Unless he's re-written the book it wold be older than that! It was an old book when I was at Uni (96-2000). At that time 2.2.x was current. Although I didn't do the OS course it was the course text.

    Ok just done a little research. I think you meant this book. I was talking about his older book.
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    The Tenenbaum book I was refering didn't really cover Linux - it's more Minix. The Linux kernel book was by an entirely different author Link but you're right. It's for 2.2.x
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    What do you actually want to do with this source code?
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