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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by baxlobs, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I have downloaded a new widget for the dashboard, but it sits on top of the 4 that were there by default. With all that space that seems silly.

    There must be some way to re-arrange them?

    Could a kind mac user advice please?
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    I do remember having this problem myself, I just forget whether or not there is a fix... but I think that what I found was that they are either organized by date in descending order or alphabetically. The bar at the bottom is also alphabetical by default and can't be changed.
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    I think you can just click on them and drag them where you like.
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    Wait.. do you mean in the list? Or the bar? Or just in the dashboard in general? You can click and drag on the dashboard, and to remove widgets, hit the plus sign in the lower left hand corner. A little 'x' symbol should come up in the upper LH corner of all of the apps. I hope this is what you're asking though.
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    Thanks all, I thought I had tried clicking and dragging but it did not seem to work. However after seeing your replies I gave it another try. It does work.

    My problem was finger trouble. :eek:

    I will get used to the trackpad in time. It is great overall, but some features don't work the way I expect.
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    Question: Do your widgets stay exactly where you dragged them? Because my don't. Everytime I open the dashboard they're slightly misplaced.
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    They are at the moment, the Mac has had a "sleep", but not rebooted since I placed them. I will see what happens after a reboot.

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