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Dashcode Included with MacBook

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 24, 2006.

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    In November there were reports of an upcoming Apple development tool for creating Dashboard Widgets. The new application was called "Dashcode". A few screenshots circulated around the web, with no details on release timeframe.

    The Dashcode application now comes with the Developer tools that accompany the MacBook. One user posted screenshots of the application.

    The application can be found at in /Developer/Applicatons after installing Developer Tools which accompany the MacBook or MacBook Pro.
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    Sounds interesting!! Are they easy to use?
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    That cool i guess can you xopy it to a externa disk and use it on another Mac?
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    Soooo... apple... where's my copy?
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    What about the iMac??
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    A new version of Xcode was just released yesterday. Wouldn't it make more sense for this to be linked to Xcode releases instead of specific hardware like the Macbook?

    (I've downloaded 2.3, but haven't installed it yet. Hopefully tonight.)
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    ..it's pretty easy to use, but a tad buggy.
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    No Dashcode in my Developer Tools on my MPB, i guess it only comes with the new Xcode version.
    I read the app is circulating around the web, i guess am lawfully entitled to it right? :cool:
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    One would think. Dashcode is NOT included in XCode 2.3, and as of now, it is not on developer connection for download. Wonder if this will spur Macbook sales :)
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    While there are copies floating around, we're not sure the legality of posting links to this (otherwise) unreleased application, so we'd ask people not post download links here.

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    already leaked to shady sites...

    that was quick:cool:
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    i cant find it..

    :confused: :confused: i just recently purchased a macbook.. i cant seem to find it, sry if im oblivious..help? if i have to download the developer tools, where do i find these?

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    You have to install the optional Developer Tools that came with your MacBook. It's not included in the default installation...check your install discs.
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    Download Name File Size Date Posted
    Xcode 2.3 (Disk Image) 915 MB 23 May 2006

    This is on the Apple Developer Connection website anyone can register to ?
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    My understanding it is not included in Xcode 2.3. Am I wrong?

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    You are correct...it is NOT part of Xcode 2.3.
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    thanks a lot .. i think i got it
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    Can someone tell me why Apple would NOT want to help developers make software/widgets for their operating system? Why the heck isn't this publically available?

    Unless it got pulled because it was buggy and the discs were already pressed.
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    It's only early days anyway it probably will be included within OS X Leopard when it gets released...
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    So you think Apple developed this but doesn't want to release it to developers because Apple doesn't want developers to develop Widgets. :confused:

    Apple appears to have mistakenly released the tool and they haven't officially released the tool yet... and we can only speculate as to why... IMHO most likely it simply isn't ready for prime-time or depends on (or was planned to be bundled with) something that Apple isn't ready officially release.
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    Interesting. I hadn't gotten around to installing the developer tools yet. Strangely, there was no option to do that when doing a clean reinstall off of the included DVD that came with the Macbook. As far as I could tell, all the other bundled applications were there as options in the Tiger install: Quicken, some board games, some Comic generator app, iLife, iWork trial, MS Office trial, etc. No developer tools, though.

    Anyway, I was just about to download Xcode 2.3 and bypass the install DVD since 2.3 should be newer. I guess now I'll do the DVD first, then upgrade to 2.3 so I'll have this Dashcode. May not ever use it, but it could be fun if I get the chance. ;)
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    Yea! I've got Dashcode. :) But, I won't be using it, methinks... :eek:
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    This looks great, like Automator for widgets....I want it NOW :p
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    This is freakin' sweet!!! I don't have a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, but I sure would like to have this app. Who knows why Apple does weird things like this (secretly releasing an app). Although, with 1,954 widgets listed on Apple's site, we certainly aren't lacking in the widget department (and it's only been just over a year! Tiger was released on April 29th, 2005. Nearly 2,000 widgets in one year!) I do think that you will see an explosion of widgets out there if Apple ever makes this more widely available. Hopefully before Leopard!
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