DDR Memory Support in Next G4?

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by evildead, Jun 25, 2001.

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    I have heard some rumors about DDR suppoted motherbords and the possibility of them being in the next G4 tower. Has any one heard this too? I dont know Too much about DDR RAM but from what I have read about the PIII and P4 motherbords that support DDR are much faster than P133 supported MB's Bus speeds are something that Apples have allways been top dog in .... can any one conferm this rumor? I would really like it to be true.
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    Sorry that I cannot CONFIRM the rumor, but I have heard conflicting reports on it. I have heard that Mac OS X has the ability to work on many other processor and motherboard archetectures (not Intel's because their's are crappy in math operations). This may lead to more designs oportunities for Apple to look into, so I wouldn't be suprised if in January they start including many other companies' hardware in the towers. I serously doubt that it will be as soon as July, though, because OS 9 is still too dominant.
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    I'd like to see it and they need it to take advantage of the PPC 7450's big pipes
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    I have heard that when using high speed RAM like DDR, there is some latency. Overall the profromance is mauch better but there is some lag at the beggining of number chunching. Any tech people know why or can tell me I am wrong. I know that Processor speeds are getting to fast for Bus speeds and RAM speeds. And we are begining to see wasted MHz.

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