Deauthorize A Computer That I No Longer Own

Discussion in 'iPod' started by waelbahbahani, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Can anyone help me with this problem:

    I forgot to deauthorize two laptops computer that I no longer own,

    instaed i want to authorize my iphone to my family desktop, and my sister laptop

    Help !! Help !!

    :confused: :rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes:
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    I think in your iTunes account settings you can deauthorize all computers. But you can only do that one per year. Then you can reauthorize the computers you want.
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    You won't even see that option unless all 5 of your authorization slots are taken. I did this once a few years ago.
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    I had this problem too. In my case I had already used my 1 per year "deauthorize all." I emailed iTunes support and they deauthorized all of the computers on my account. I then had to reauthorize the computers I still had.
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    This is true. I "forced" this about a week ago by having a cousin authorize his computer with my account so I would hit my maximum of 5 authorized computers and then used the "deauthorize all computers" button that finally appeared after that.
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    if they are so old, just make a new account.
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    I'm not sure if there is a "once a year" limitation since I deauthorized all my computer at least twice last year.

    But you lose your purchases. :confused:

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