Delete button needed in App Store "updates" tab

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by lazybump91, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. lazybump91, Aug 24, 2013
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    It is possible to clear the itunes app updated list?

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    It should go away if you switch to the main store screen...hit featured and then return to the purchased / update section...should be gone.
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    #3 it isn't.

    AFAIK there's no way to clear it.
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    That's weird, it always clears on my IP5..:confused:
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    No, you can not clear this... it only tracks so many days/updates, however.
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    It so annoying like staying at there, why don't apple make a "delete" button for it? :confused::confused:
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    Agreed. I was going to make a thread about this. Thanks for doing it for me :D
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    hmm...maybe I should change the title as well? ;)
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    I don't understand how it bugs you... it doesn't badge the app store icon so it doesn't confuse you with apps that need updates and if you don't look at it it will go away after a couple of days...

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    it doesn't confuse me, just someone like me doesn't keep a record in there. Perhaps, delete button in there not a bad thing too right?
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    But then again, Apple doesn't let us 'clear all' running apps so why would they let us clear all updated apps? :(
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    Had a few threads about this over the past few betas.

    Certainly having a way to clear that would be useful, or at least have it be in a separate section on that updates tab, similar to the purchased items, to separate things out better.


    An updates tab is for available updates, not things that have already been installed. It's a quick stop where if it's essentially blank there's nothing to update, and if it's not, then there are updates. Now with previously installed updates you get both sort of mixed in and it's not exactly a quick stop where it's either empty or has something.

    That's not even really counting the fact that it's pretty much a standard where an updates section pretty much across other OSs and apps that have it is generally either blank when there's nothing to update or has something when there are updates available (previously installed updates are not mixed in with available updates or if no updates are available).
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    Nope, it's for everything updates-related. Now it keeps track of what apps were updated. If there were any updates to install, there'd be a badge on the App Store icon. Also, there is autoupdate.
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    No, the default in iOS 7 is to do auto-updates, so the "Updates" tab is mainly so you can check to see what has updated recently and what the changes were (which is why oldest updates eventually fall off the list).

    How else would you know what apps have auto-updated if a log wasn't available?
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    Maybe that's what Apple set it up to be like in iOS 7, but that doesn't mean that it's a good implementation, nor that's what the industry standard is for something like that.

    Nothing wrong with providing access to recently updated apps (in fact that's a good idea, especially now that auto-update functionality has finally been made available), but it should either be separated from available apps (like purchased apps already are on the updates tab), and/or there should be a way to clear that section if a user wishes to.
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    What it's the problem?
    If not badge no update.
    The history of updates it's great info
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    Already purchased apps is also great info, and it's even also on the updates tab, but it's in a separate section, instead of littering the updates tab.
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    Industry standard?

    On an Android tablet I have right here, if I go into the Pay Store and tap the button to see downloads/updates, I see a list divided into 3 sections Updates, Recently Updated, and Up to date. So it's essentially Updates & Purchases all in one... and no way to clear it, either.
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    Poor implementation there too then (although perhaps the fact that they are at least separated into sections--assuming fairly clearly separated ones--might help a little).

    Now, go to software update on OS X, or Windows, of many other apps that have update pages/sections--vast majority of them will only show you available updates in those places or a message saying there are no updates if none are available. Some will allow you to see previously installed updates and things of that nature, but that will be separated from the available updates in one way or another (another tab, another link, etc.).
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    You can't say that it is industry standard and then say that doesn't count when you are presented evidence that it isn't. This is the smart phone industry, not the PC industry.
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    One other example (Android, and perhaps only particular version or few versions of it) doesn't necessarily break it. Currently, not counting a non-publicly available beta, iOS has had a standard for years of only showing updates in the update section. Windows Phone does it that way too.

    The concept of updates, on the phone or not, is pretty much the same, at least as far as what generally needs to be displayed--the available updates--so it's not like it needs to be somehow different in a mobile environment than on a desktop environment simply because one is mobile and one is desktop.


    By the way, the bars for cellular signal strength are pretty much a mobile industry standard too, and just because in iOS 7 Apple will suddenly (and more or less pointlessly) use dots that take up more space than necessary doesn't somehow make the bars any less of a pretty much accepted standard.
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    I agree it's nice to have the info, and, with automatic updates, I want to know what apps have been updated, but, like notifications, once I've seen it, I'd like to be able to clear that info out.
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    Actually, in the MAS (on Mavericks) the updates tab displays updates installed within the past 30 days (likely due to auto-update being new in Mavericks).

    Like someone had said, it'll be because of auto-updates.

    Clearly a first world problem.
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    Yeah, figures that more than likely it's due to auto-updates given that it's being introduced for the first time in these releases. That said, first-world problems or not (and pretty much this whole site, if not the whole internet, falls into that category), it's pretty clear that simply having recently updated apps somewhat separated, like purchased apps already are, and/or having a way to clear them out when/if the user chooses to, would be an improvement.
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    I'm not opposed to a choice to clear the listing at all but I just don't see the point in separating them now as the primary function of the Updates tab is to see what has already been updated rather than to see what needs updated.

    I don't even get a notification badge on the App Store now about pending updates, it just does them...and I only know they are done as it appears in the NC. After that I can go to Updates to see the changes.

    When I *do* catch updates in the App Store before they're applied they have a "Update" button next to them which seems enough of a differentiator.

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