Deleting non-music files from iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Flexible Head, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Hiya - little help?

    I recently used my 20gb iPod as a hard drive to move some files from my old mac to my new one. I added the files to the iPod by dragging them onto the desktop icon. I then copied them to the new mac by dragging them where I wanted them. Worked fine. All up and running.

    HOWEVER, to remove the files from the iPod, I opened the desktop icon folder and dragged the files to the trash. Now when I double click the desktop icon it tells me 0 items, as I expected, but the iPod summary in iTunes tells me I've still got 4gb of "other" on the iPod, as if it's all still on there but I can't see it.

    How do I locate all this "other" and get rid of it? iTunes only shows audio, obviously, and the desktop iPod folder shows nothing. Where is it all?
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    mad jew

    Empty the Trash with the iPod still connected. I reckon that's where all your files are. :)
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    **** - it WAS that! I was sure I'd done that already. Clearly I AM that useless...
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    Your games, maybe?
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    mad jew


    Mate, it's happens to the best of us. :D

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