Dell's new Handheld PDA

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by arn, Nov 18, 2002.

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    What's with the weird red ribbons? I know it's holiday season, but... damn, Dell's got a weird sense of style... (shiver)

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    PDA market...growing?

    OK...all the PDA naysayers...answer me this. If the PDA market is such a terrible place to be, why are all the PC companies working so hard to enter it?

    The truth is, the PDA market is in a lull because of the previous lack of viable PDAs in the market. They were/are just toys masquerading as legitimate tools.

    Now, having said that, I believe the PocketPC platform is starting to mature, and I think that will be reflected soon in an uptick of consumer confidence in the PDA market. I still think Palm is entirely missing the boat, and is not long for this world.

    So, here we Apple devotees sit with no real support in the PDA market. Our only solution is the anemic and dying Palm platform; or, we can choose to crossover to the PC world and begin using PocketPC, giving MS another foot in the door to the Mac world.

    Apple ignores the PDA market to their own detriment.
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    Dell's price...

    I'm not that familiar with the PocketPC platform, but I spent yesterday playing with an iPaq seems to me that DELL's price on these units blows the iPaq out of the water. Can anyone see what possible reason there is for a $500 price difference between the top of the line iPaq and the top of the line Dell?

    These units are starting to tempt me...imagine that, a devoted mac user, frustrated by the lack of mac-centric options buying his first MS OS based computer. Apple, take note.
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    Syncing PocketPC with OSX

    Does anyone have any experience syncing the PocketPC platform with OSX?
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    Re: PDA market...growing?

    Actually PC companies are entering this field because they are trying to do anything to keep revenues up and latch into what might be the next big thing(especially once the wireless market takes off). I would never consider current or past pda's a toy from Palm. Most of the users find them useful for the purpose they were designed. Most hacker-geeks don't understand this though and that has somewhat affected the market since they typically support them and make many of the purchasing decisions in organizations.

    Palm as a platform is doing fine and still commands the majority of the market. Palm just released 5.0 and is steadily working on 6.0 which interestingly enough is drawing some comparisons to Mac OS X in terms of improvement and how previous Palm OS's will be running along with it for backward compatibility. Sony is doing a hell of job in terms of innovation with the Palm platform. Those new devices of theirs are flat out's just too bad they're stuck on using their sonystick memory.

    As I said before Palm isn't going anywhere. They're business model might change before this is all over but the platform will improve. The technology is good(and improving) and the brandname is very valuable. Sure it's not what alot of people want but I don't think anyone really knows yet what they want aside from wireless access almost anywhere in the world. The features that many have asked for typically don't fit with the formfactor and price people really want.
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    Hey can you watch QT movies on one of these things? If I could watch QTVR movies on one of these it would be a major selling point for me.
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    Mr. Anderson

    All I really have to say is - eh - not all that impressive and not something I'd be interested in. I do find it odd that Dell is getting into the game, be curious to see where this goes....

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    One Word

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    Re: Syncing PocketPC with OSX

    Never done it before, but there is this app:

    I wouldn't worry about incompatibilty with PocketPC. The fact is, these applications are designed to synchronize with a PC, and to allow third parties to program their own conduits (so somebody can build an "Enhanced Address Book", "Enhanced Calendar", etc.). Therefore, Mac developers should be able to program their own conduits (or whatever they're called in the PocketPC world) as well, to sync with iCal, Address Book, or whatever....
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    Damn I never thought I would say this but, Dude I'm getting a Dell. I really think that it is cool. Now if only it will work with iSync.
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    If you really want a PDA, get a Sony Clie...


    Or better yet, a NEWTON.. hehehehe.... yah right.

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    Why not a newton still better than any other of the so called PDA
    Long live the newton.
    By the way I working on a new smaller enclosure for my 130 that would make it smaller.
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    Awesome man, tell me how it goes.. :D

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    I have a white Newton MP 120, But the thing is huge it barley fit's in my pocket
    I will try to find the URL with instructions on how to make it white. And I hate the Sony pda it is almost as big as the Newton.
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    A white Newton cool

    Those are very hard to find.:cool:
    If you are running jaguar and have a serial to usb adapter or a beige g3 you can synch your newton with Ical and Address book with . also there is another program that allows you to download packages (programs) in to the newton and it works with OS X.1.5 and jaguar. :D
    PS. they are called NewTen 1.1.0 and NewtSync 0.2d tehy can be found on

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