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Depth of Field Tutorial

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by dipm06, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. dipm06, Nov 24, 2012
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    Thanks for sharing!

    I loved your "Street Lights" pictures, by the way. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you processed those!
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    Thanks for posting and very nicely done!
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    I'll definitely do that soon. Thanks!
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    Awesome! I look forward to seeing it.
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    Wow. I actually learned a lot. I seen your videos before but never really paid attention. This one was really well explained! Thanks a lot! You've gained a subscriber.
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    Your video is really well done dipm06! Thank you for posting it here and keep-up the great work. :)
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    I spent hours trying to explain DoF to my daughter who is taking a photography class in college. ( they are using film!) I wish you had posted this before I wasted my time! This is excellent and I hope you don't mind, but I sent a link to this posting to her photography teacher. This is so much clearer than her explanation. Thanks for the great video, keep them coming...:)
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    Thanks for the awesome comments guys!


    Here's the video where I show some of the adjustments I made using lightroom!

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    That was quick! Thanks, that was explained/demonstrated very well. I'm new to Lightroom, so it's nice to see these videos. Keep 'em coming. :)
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    Please include the technical background:


    This REPLICATION FACTOR is the most important factor in DOF, and nothing else!

    You will see instant why it is easy to get a landscape scene tack sharp front to back, yet why it is really hard to get that bug in macro totally sharp.
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    Wow, this explains it so easily. Perfect timing as I move up the camera learning rungs with my newest camera. Thanks so much for this!
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    Replication factor? I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I do mention that subject distance from that camera affects DoF. I'm assuming that is what you're talking about. I also go in to show how it works by focusing on a subject up close and then moving the camera back.


    Thanks! I have a bunch of other tutorials on my channel that you might like!
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    Cool & thanks for the head's up. I will definitely check them out!
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    Replication factor is the factor of object diagonal/sensor diagonal

    So a head with 25 cm diagonal corner to corner on a chip of 45mm diagonal (FX) in focus, will have the same DOF for out of focus elements NO MATTER WHAT FOCAL LENGTH lens you take this pic with (the same framing). So the DOF is the same if you make it with a 28mm or with a 300mm (at the same aperture). The DISTANCE to the subject is different off course. You must take this pic at 30cm with a 28mm, and at 3m with a 300mm.
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    This is complete trash. At f2 on a FF camera 28mm at 30cm will have 1.25cm total DOF whereas the 300mm at 3m will have 1.08cm total DOF.

    Have you just made this up?
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    You don't really need to know at what distance a 28mm will have to be at to have the same DoF as a 300mm at a certain distance - not for real world use, at least. I think that knowing that having the subject closer will yield a much shallower DoF is sufficient enough. I think the examples in the video show it clearly.
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    Great video! I got my first DSLR 5 days ago, and I kind of understood this concept from other reading, but your video might be the best explanation I've heard on DOF so far.

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