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Design of the Day

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by thebiggoose, Sep 24, 2006.

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    I Took this idea from the Photo of The Day thread in the photography section (I think it was started by iGary) which I really enjoy. The Idea is to post a piece of your design work and soem information about it. Mabe say what it is, why you made it, how long it took to make, and the program you used to make it. You can only post one image per day.

    Here is mine to start things off:

    What: This is a promo for my church that I made.
    Why: To be used to promote my church.
    Time: About 5 minutes
    Program: Photoshop CS2
    Please reply with constructive criticism
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    Good idea and start:) I would take the guitarist on the right and flip him so his guitar is not leading the eye off the page (the human eye reads a page like a the letter Z from the top left over and down to the right) you want to make it so that the eye does not leave the artwork.

    Also I would make "Our guitarist rock!" smaller so it does not go longer than the 42 above it. I would also use a period instead of an explanation mark.

    Great colors by the way, very nice for a church and youth groups.
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    okay thanks I'll try the edits and maybe post it for my picture tomorrow
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    the cutouts of the guitarists has a slight white line around them
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    oh...tehy do...i'll try and fix that....any tips on teh ebst way....anyone else gonna post some work?
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    Heres one of mine.

    Took 20 minutes in Freehand and was chosen from 6000 entries to be the identity for Football Manager series from Sports Interactive and SEGA. I won £10,000. :D

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    congratulations! £10 000 for 20 minutes, I can honestly say 'I have never and probably will never have such a nice salary'.

    When was this?
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    May 2004. They fiddled with it after though :(
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    Jaffa Cake

    Great stuff!

    It's clearly been tweaked a little for the final version, but I'll wager the designer who altered it never made £10,000 for 20 minutes work. :p ;)

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    No way! I remember voting in that competition, never really got round to making one myself. They changed it quite a bit.

    Heres looking forward to FM2007:D
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    just a sig i made a while ago for a forum about photoshoping.
    took me about 45 mins to an hr.
    i have many more if any one is intrested in seeing them
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    I created this graphic in Apple's Developer tool "Core Image funhouse" last spring for a Summer drive for my website. The image is also one I took a few years ago at a European car show in the Midwest.

    The drive never did happen, but I was happy with my poor mans graphic work :)
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    i really like the outlines on teh black car
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    It's been a while....and noone's posted:( but here's my design for today:
    that's teh pic....and here's the original

    What: a picture of a guitarist for our church changed into pop art
    Why: for fun
    Time: 20-30 mins
    How: Photoshop CS
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    I've always been a fan of pop art renditions... cool!
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    What: A forum signature
    Why: Sort of for fun while listening to "You're So Vain"
    Time: 15-20 min
    How: Photoshop CS2
  17. ATD
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    What: 3D render of textured bottles with depth of field
    Why: Perfecting realism in Maya
    Time: hours
    How: Maya / mental ray / Photoshop

    I put this image in the MR Digital Photography Picture of the Day tread so see if anyone would notice it was not a photo. :D :D :D It is after all a virtual photo. I'm still playing with it to see if I can take it a step farther to looking photographic. I have been tying to find a way to do a projection bump with a Dialectric material, no luck yet. I can do it with a Normals map but that's a big pain.

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  18. Lau

    Wow, I saw that photo and thought it was great, and a really interesting angle. I'm shocked and stunned it's a 3D render! The texture on the bottles is great.
  19. ATD
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    Wounded Soldier

    ...here's a painting done in Painter 8 and PS, I have been changing it off and on for a week now, the design of the headpiece has changed 5 times!
    i've worked on it for about 7 or 8 hours total i guess.

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  21. ATD
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    Again, very nice work. Great energy and light play.

    Which is your favorite painting program? I just got Painter after not touching it for many years but I have too many masters right now to get back into it if you know what I mean.

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    thats really good, i dont have maya, cant afford it. and im 14. i do kinda think that the view is a bit distorted on the bottle on the right. the neck seems just a bit long but i really like it.
  23. ATD
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    Thanks, it's modeled after a normal bottle, it's the camera angle/focal length that makes it do that.

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    I dont want to start a war here or anything but the stuff that is being posted is more art than design. Just because it has been generated in a design application doesnt make it design work. I think thats why this thread hasnt taken off like the OP thought it might.

    Im not picking on macdon401 here just merely using his as an example. In its current form his piece is artwork. There is no actual use for it, however it is interesting and nice to look at. For it to become design work per say it would need to be incorporated into a brochure or a poster for example. That way it has a use.

    Art and design often get muddled together and the line between them is, I agree, quite blurred. For a 'design' of the day post to flourish post design work like websites, logos, magazines, flyers posters etc. Not just pictures of computer generated stuff.

    I dont mean to offend anyone by this post but its something that bugs me quite a bit and a lot of other designers too. ;)

    Below is another one of my logos.

    Its for a prospective job my company plans to pitch to the client this week. The flame obviously represents 'gas' the main product of the company. However the flame also doubles as a leaf to represent the conscious effort by the company of disposing its waste products safely, to help the environment (a big thing with energy co's of late). The colours chosen reinforce this environmental angle.

    Spent a few hours perfecting the flame strokes and angle. Created in Freehand MX on a PM G5.

  25. ATD
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    Images are every bit a part of the design process as typography. As a practice I don't post or even talk about my current design projects. I don't see the need to pull up old projects and post them, that's what my website is for. But to use mine as an example, I am currently designing a textured green Vodka bottle. I'm designing it's form and other designer is designing it's label, this is not the first time I have designed bottles. I'm using a different bottle here to study rendering technique to sell the design. I see it as design, sorry you don't agree. If it bugs you and other designers that much I will reframe from posting.


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